О материалах Round Up 5. Phrasal verbs

На страницах блога Вы можете познакомиться с разработками по фразовым глаголам учителя английского языка гимназии №2 г. Орши Григория Ивановича Дашко. В основу созданных  упражнений положен материал учебного пособия Round Up 5 автора Virginia Evans. При составлении использовались аутентичные англо-английские словари.  Упражнения составлены таким образом, что один и тот же фразовый глагол повторяется в различном контексте достаточное для запоминания количество раз.

Для удобства навигации представляем краткое содержание разделов.

Phrasal verbs

unit 1
break down 1) stop working (of cars, engines, machines etc) 2) lose control of feelings (of people)
break into (+ object):1) enter by force 2) start doing sth suddenly (laughter etc)
break out:1) begin suddenly (war, fire etc) 2) escape from a place
break up :stop for holidays (of schools etc)

unit 2
bring about cause to happen
bring out: publish
bring round 1) cause to regain consciousness 2) persuade
bring up : raise a child

unit 3
carry on (with): continue
carry out: do, complete sth
hold back: control (oneself, crowds etc)
hold on : wait (esp on the phone)
hold up : 1)delay 2)rob sth/sb using a weapon

unit 4
get away: escape
get on: 1) make progress (also get along) 2) enter a bus, train etc. (opp. get off)
get on with: have a friendly relationship with sb; get along with sb
get through: 1) reach sb by telephone 2) manage to finish sth

unit 5
give sth/sb away 1) reveal sth/betray sb 2) give sth free of charge
give back: return
give off: emit (a smell etc)
give out: come to an end
give up: abandon a habit; quit
give oneself up: surrender; give in

unit 6
go away: leave
go in for: enter a competition, exam etc
go on: 1) continue, 2) happen
go round: be enough for everyone to have a share
go through: examine in detail
call for: require; demand
call in: visit briefly
call off: cancel
call out: 1) shout, 2) send for sb in an emergency

unit 7
look after: take care of sb/sth
look for: search for
look forward to: anticipate with pleasure
look into: investigate
look out (for): watch for
look through: examine quickly
look up: look for an address, name, word etc in a book

unit 8
make out: 1) distinguish/see 2) understand
make up: 1) invent 2) put cosmetics on 3) end a quarrel
make up one’s mind: decide

unit 9
put down: write down
put forward: propose
put off: postpone
put on: 1) dress oneself in 2) increase in weight
put out: extinguish (fire, cigarette etc)
put through: connect by phone
put sb up :provide a place to stay

unit 10
run across: find by chance
run after: chase
run away: escape; get away by running
run down: 1) knock down 2) say bad things about sb
run into sb/sth 1) meet unexpectedly 2) collide with
run out of: reach the end (of a supply)

unit 11
set off: start a journey; set out
set out: 1) begin a journey 2) (+ full inf.) begin a job, task etc.
set up: 1 ) start a business, 2) erect
stand by sb: support sb, esp in a difficult situation
stand for: represent
stand in for: replace sb temporarily
stand up: rise to one’s feet
stand up to: defend oneself against sb

unit 12
take after sb: look or act like a relative
take away: remove
take down: write down
take off: 1) remove clothes (opp: put on) 2) (of aeroplanes) leave the ground
take sb out: take sb to a restaurant etc
take over: take control of sth
take up :begin a hobby, sport, job etc.

unit 13
turn sb down: refuse an offer
turn sth down: reduce the volume, heat, noise etc
turn on: switch on (lights, radio etc) (opp: turn off)
turn to sb: go to sb for help
turn up: 1) (of an opportunity) arise 2) arrive
turn sth up: increase the volume
turn sth out: produce sth

unit 14
fall behind: fail to keep up with
fall for: 1) be cheated 2) become suddenly attracted
fall in with: to agree
fall on: attack eagerly
fall out (with): quarrel

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