Рубрика: Form 10

Form 10. Describing a photo or a picture

На урок. Form 10. Describing a photo or a picture. https://drofa-ventana.ru/kompleks/rainbow/audio/uchebnik11/ аудиозапись 14. 1. 1. Listen and make notes. 2. Study any of these useful materials: http://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/exams/speaking-exams/describe-photo-or-picture http://esol.britishcouncil.org/content/learners/skills/speaking/describing-picture-family-scene https://www.dailystep.com/en/blog/how-describe-photograph-english-ielts-exam-skills https://www.englisch-hilfen.de/en/words/describing_pictures.htm 3. Move your mouse pad to see the description: PET Speaking: The New Baby 4. Study different parts of the picture: 5. Have a bit

Youth Organisations. Flipquiz Game

Предлагаю на последнем уроке в четверти сыграть в игру на повторение изученного материала. 10 класс. К сожалению, мои ученики много болели и отсутствовали на занятиях, поэтому не весь материал пройден. В игре — основное, что мы успели изучить за 2-ю четверть.

About my school

Совместная работа учащихся 10 класса в моей редакции. Если слайд пустой — щёлкните по нему. Вообще я против анимации, если презентация предназначена для общего пользования, но мои ученики об этом не знали. Answer the questions: 1. Where is your school situated? 2. Is your school new or old? 3. When was your school built? 4.

My favourite room

Following this link http://www.insideout.net/blog/elessons/video-lesson-4-a-special-place you will find a lovely video from the Inside Out Upper Intermediate in which two people speak about their favourite rooms. You can download a worksheet on the site as well, it’s photocopiable. As for me, I’m going to read the  biographies of the two ladies with my students and then watch

Home, sweet home

A nice poem to start a lesson with when speaking about different types of dwelling. People live in houses In many lands and places, As different from each other As their many names and faces. There are houses made of mud and grass, Of bricks, of snow, of stones. There are houses round and houses