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Form 10 Unit 3 Vocabulary

Student’s Book English 10 N.V. Yukhnel and others p.312 Practice Form 10 Unit 3 Vocabulary at Word Steps at Dropbox or download Hot Pot files from Yadisk.     The archive contains: 1) fc1_2 — Flash cards 2) dd1_2 — Drag and Drop Exercises 3) ch1_2 Choice exercises 4) Word document with keys 5) the

Form 9 Types of Addiction p.64

Вокабуляр к тексту Types od Addiction, Form 9 pp.64-65 among [ ?’m?? ] среди (более 2-х) anxious [ ‘??k??s ] тревожный, беспокойный behaviour [ bi’heivj? ] поведение dependent [ di’pend?nt ] зависимый depressed [ di’prest ] подавленный feeling [ ‘fi:li? ] чувство flu [ flu: ] грипп give up [ giv ?p ] отказаться harmful

Smoking: vocabulary work

Let us see how well you know the vocabulary. Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with suitable words. Don’t forget to change their forms if necessary. Choose from the list uncover agitate despite manufacturer tar drug awake ban addiction cancer ignorance inhale remind unveil avoid fear moth He is now fighting his *** to alcohol.

Why Cigarettes Are Dangerous

Form 9 Why Cigarettes Are Dangerous — The Truth Unveiled Cigarettes should be the most feared product and must be banned in every country. Unfortunately, it is not so. Despite all the information about negative effects of this cancer producing product the number of smokers is still quite significant. If you want to know why

Wee Willie Winkie

Для фонетической зарядки в 5 классе. Стихотворение Wee Willy Winkie. Wee Willie Winkie Wee Willie Winkie Runs through the town, Upstairs and downstairs In his nightgown. Rapping at the windows, Crying through the lock, «Are the children all in bed, For now it’s eight o’clock.» Vocabulary: wee — крошечный, маленький night gown — ночная рубашка