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Form 7. Unit 7. Plans and Timetables

Form 7. Unit 7. Travelling to world capitals. Lesson 1. Plans and Timetables Additional material Exercise 1. Match the words with  their translation 1. a ticket A.  путешествие, поездка 2. on time B. регистрироваться 3. a flight C. прибывать 4. to catch D.  покидать, уезжать 5. to miss E.  упустить, пропустить 6. luggage F.  успеть, поймать 7.

Form 7. Ideas for a great weekend

Form 7. Unit 6. Lesson 7. Ideas for a great weekend Думаю, что данный тест подойдет  для  проверки самостоятельной работы учащихся с текстом « For a great weekend break think small». Предлагаю направить на поиск необходимой информации. Reading Test The population there is 25,000 people. It is situated in South – West England. There are

Form 8. Music. Lexical-grammar test

Form 8. Music.  Lexical-Grammar Test Task 1 Write 10 styles of music. Task 2 Put the words into the correct order Golden/ a/trumpet/big Old/big/a/piano/white Beautiful/a/little/silver/flute Modern/brown/a/guitar a/blue/new/big/drum Task 3 Supply the articles if they are necessary My mum can play ___cello. He was playing ___football all the day yesterday. My cousin has got __ big piano.