do vs make 2

Вставьте do или make. Не забывайте изменять глагольные формы.

При необходимости вернитесь к ТЕОРИИ ещё раз.

Ex. 5

1. Your honesty *** you great credit.
2. ‘You’re all to *** your best to make her feel she’s one of us.’
3. It takes two sides to *** war.
4. ‘Do you think they’ll win?’ ‘*** me a favour! They haven’t got a single decent player.’
5. They *** a great fuss of the baby.
6. In July 1988, when Dr Vicharn started to *** tests, only 0.6% were HIV-positive.
7. We need to think of ways to *** money.
8. ‘It’s inconvenient, frustrating, but you *** your best — mostly things turn out well in the end.’
9. You’re always *** excuses for not helping me.
10. It won’t be over for any of us until the people who *** war have been destroyed.’
11. He *** a fortune on the stock market.
12. Her body was weary but her brain was buzzing, trying to *** sense of everything she’d seen and heard that day.
13. He *** a living as a stand-up comic.
14. The stone *** a dent in the roof of the car.
15. ‘One day I return to these people, and this time I ask that they *** a favour for me.
16. He *** it clear that he objected.
17. He is one of the most exciting one-day players in the world, with footwork which would *** credit to Victor Sylvester.
18. *** your best to find out in advance the names of people you are going to meet.
19. This dress *** me look fat.
20. You’ve *** a terrible mess of this job.
21. I see you will shortly *** credit to my friend Belville as he has *** you credit.
22. Has he *** it up with her yet?
23. He never cleans his room and his mother never tries to *** him.
24. She *** him her assistant.
25. I hope it does not encourage you to *** your worst!
26. A hundred cents *** one euro.
27. I suppose we should *** a start on cleaning this room.
28. You bring your children up, you *** your best, but in the end they go their own way.’
29. He was *** mayor in 1998.
30. You could have *** more effort to talk to him.
31. He *** up some excuse about his daughter being sick.
32. Why don’t you two kiss and *** up?
33. I *** that $150 altogether.
34. The other children *** fun of her because she was always so serious.
35. I will not tolerate this behaviour any longer. Do I *** myself clear?
36. Please *** my excuses at the meeting on Friday.
37. ‘Now, you’re not to *** fun of Peter.
38. ‘Every country has another nationality they *** fun of.
39. If you’re trying to *** fun of me…’ she said angrily.
40. Could she *** an excuse and run?
41. Harry asked weakly, trying to *** sense of things.
42. Does that *** sense to you?’
43. But I don’t say that doesn’t *** sense.
44. Races insult each other, and *** war, and *** love, and they may mix these activities up.
45. This was its justification: ‘All who *** war seek through war to arrive at a peace more perfect than existed before war.’
46. Their parents are the ones who send them off to school and say, just *** your best.
47. He’d agreed to *** a favour for someone and it had gone wrong.
48. He is a boy of very good promise and will *** credit to the School.»
49. Young people who *** experiment with drugs are usually better adjusted than kids who abstain from drugs completely.
50. You can’t *** your best when you can’t move or can’t breathe.
51. ‘*** your worst, Doc,’ he’d say: ‘Put an end to it.
52. I like to *** tests in my style which is quite different, I particularly like using black and white and creating more interesting pictures.
53. The holes in the cloth were *** by moths.
54. If a woman can *** an excuse for a man she loves and wants to hang on to, she will.
55. Allow me to say, sir, that if you make Mistress Andrews your lady she will *** credit to your choice.

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