do as a phrasal verb

Убедитесь, что Вы правильно понимаете значение фразового глагола do:

Do away with sb/sth — покончить с кем-то/чем-то
Do sb out of sth — обмануть кого-то
Do without sth — обойтись без чего-либо
Do sth up — 1) застёгивать(ся), 2) прихорашивать(ся)
Do up sth — отремонтировать, привести в порядок
Do out — вычистить, хорошенько убрать
Do with sth — 1) хотеть, нуждаться 2) иметь отношение
Do sth over — переделать, сделать заново

Ex.1 Match the phrasal verbs on the left to the correct definitions on the right.

1. do away with 

2. do out

3. do up

4. do with

5. do without

6. do over

A. manage without having sth,  manage to live despite not having something 

B. close or fasten clothes, etc;  to renovate an old building or house

С. get rid of something or to stop using something

D.  to clean and tidy a place thoroughly

E.  need or want sth;

F.  to do something again.

Ex. 2 Fill in the gaps with the correct particle.

1. The United Kingdom did *** with the death penalty in 1965.
2. I’m sorry about the accident, but it’s nothing to do *** me (=I am not involved in any way).
3. You must do *** your safety belt in the back of cars and taxis now.
4. There’s no sugar, so you’ll have to do ***.
5. Can you help me to do *** my dress?
6. These trousers must have shrunk — I can’t do the zip ***.
7. Why won’t this zip do ***?
8. How many more nights were we to do *** sleep?
9. The skirt does *** at the back.
10. Keep your scarf on, do your coat ***.
11. There’s no mayonnaise left, so I’m afraid you’ll just have to do ***.
12. Thank you Kate, we can do *** language like that (= we don’t want to hear your rude language).
13. Do *** your coat or you’ll get cold.
14. We can’t do *** the help of your organisation…
15. I don’t have any sugar so you’ll have to do ***.
16. Mari did *** the buttons…
17. We didn’t bring enough money to the store so we are going to have to do *** the snacks.
18. The school is going to do *** with uniforms. Nobody likes them.
19. The whole apartment had been done *** in an Art Deco style.
20. And I’ve managed to do *** two of the buttons at the back, but I can’t reach the top two.
21. We did away *** all the old equipment and invested in some new.
22. Let’s do *** with formality and use first names.
23. You can do *** a carpet but you’ve got to have somewhere to sit.
24. I’ve done my wardrobes out and given *** all my old clothes.
25. I can’t get the car in the garage anymore. I’m going to have to do it *** and make some space.
26. I don’t like it, so I have decided to do it *** and paint it another color.
27. I had to do it *** because my computer crashed and I hadn’t saved it.
28. Can you do the zip *** for me, please? I can’t do it myself.
29. They bought an old house in France and spent a few years doing it ***.
30. Old warehouses along the river have been done *** and made into beautiful flats.
31. It’s got nothing to do *** me. I’m not responsible for that.
32. He’s something to do *** health but I don’t think he is a doctor.
33. Do *** your laces before you trip over them
34. I could do *** something to eat. I haven’t eaten since breakfast.
35. I forgot to buy milk so we’ll just have to do ***.

Ex. 3 Fill in the gaps with the correct particle.

1. I don’t need your help. I can do *** it.
2. I could do *** a good night’s sleep. I haven’t had one for weeks.
3. If she had the chance to do it ***, she would have hired a press secretary.
4. If you make too many mistakes, you’ll have to do it ***.
5. Their conversation had been largely to do *** work.
6. This question doesn’t have anything to do *** the main topic of the survey.
7. I’m sure her problems have something to do *** what happened when she was a child.
8. I could have done *** some help this morning.
9. If they can’t get it to us in time, we’ll just have to do ***.
10. They did *** an old cottage in the Scottish Highlands.
11. The apartment was done *** in Viennese style.
12. Sue spent ages doing herself ***.
13. The alcoholic may be able to do *** a drink for days.
14. Computerization has enabled us to do *** with a lot of paperwork.
15. What would my poor wife do *** me?’
16. ‘What do you want to see me about?’ ‘It’s to do *** that letter you sent me.’
17. Her job has something to do *** computers.
18. The paintwork will need doing *** soon.
19. He thinks it’s time we did *** with the monarchy.
20. She can’t do *** a secretary.
21. While I’m down here, I’ll do *** these cupboards.
22. How we can legally do away with children like Sophie,’ Belinda explains.
23. Can we afford to have the house done ***?
24. OK, we’ll do it ***, but try to sing the right words this time.
25. Practically everything they do *** there, they take all the equipment outside.
26. And a chance to do *** with that old blackguard Jake once and for all…and NO DANGER!
27. There was no change in policy Mao himself said he was there to do *** with feudalism.
28. Such administration would be truly scientific: it would do *** with all the irrationalities, the waste, the inefficiency of private enterprise.
29. What will you do *** this place?
30. She insisted that everything be done ***.
31. Or do *** with wallcovering altogether: strip away the plaster to expose the bare brick underneath.
32. Yes, to give him the chance to find the right one, the one that would stir him in such a way that he felt he couldn’t do *** her.
33. ‘For a married person it isn’t something you can do *** the support of your partner.
34. Speaking from her home in Ralphs’ Wifes Lane, she said: ‘Andrew is very special, I don’t know what I would do *** him.
35. No, stupidity has got nothing to do *** it.
36. Do your shoes/laces *** before you trip over.
37. You can’t do *** me…
38. He, after all, was the one so determined to do *** with sham and misunderstanding.
39. These ridiculous rules and regulations should have been done *** with years ago.
40. How on earth could they do *** with a lovely old building like that and put a car park there instead?

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