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Ряд слов в английском языке употребляется с определёнными предлогами (prepositions). В некоторых случаях выбор предлога меняет значение слова. Предлагаем следующую схему работы с: изучите теорию по употреблению глаголов и других частей речи с предлогами самостоятельно по любому имеющемуся источнику и затем закрепите её последовательно в данных упражнениях.

accuse of , disadvantage of, afraid of, aim at, amazed at, angry at/for/with, annoyed with/for/about, apologise to/for, apply to/for, arrive at/in, ashamed of, ask for, associate with, astonished at/by, at home/sea/the seaside, attitude to, aware of, bad at, belong to

Choose from the list

to, in, for, of, at, with, about

Ex. 1 Fill in the missing particles.
1. In medieval Europe, many women were accused *** being witches and were burnt at the stake.
2. Aim *** the yellow circle.
3. She was amazed *** how calm she felt after the accident.
4. She was phoning from Australia but I was amazed *** the clarity of her voice.
5. Her first instinct was to shout and get angry *** him.
6. I was so annoyed *** him for turning up late that I couldn’t speak to him for half an hour.
7. He apologized publicly *** me for his mistake.
8. The age-discrimination law doesn’t apply *** elected officials.
9. Please strike out whichever option does not apply *** you.
10. Early humans first arrived *** this area over 25 000 years ago.
11. You will have to apply to City Hall *** a building permit.
12. He had the added disadvantage *** being the only man present.
13. She apologized publicly to him *** being rude.
14. I’m very annoyed *** the way you’re behaving.
15. He was annoyed *** the way she tried to take over the whole meeting.
16. The local residents were angry *** the lack of parking spaces.
17. One disadvantage *** living in the town is the lack of safe places for the children to play.
18. Well don’t be angry *** me — it’s hardly my fault that it’s raining!
19. I’ve always been afraid *** heights.
20. Why do you get so angry *** me all the time?

Ex. 2 Fill in the missing particles.

Choose from the list

of, for, with, by, at, to, in

1. She ought to be thoroughly ashamed *** herself for talking to her mother like that.
2. Since it would be a highly dangerous mission, the Lieutenant asked *** volunteers.
3. I don’t want my children associating *** drug-addicts and alcoholics.
4. I was astonished *** the news of the divorce — they’d seemed so happy together.
5. He lodges in London during the week but lives *** home at the weekends.
6. After being *** sea for so long, seeing harbour was wonderful.
7. We had a good time *** the seaside last weekend.
8. Is he aware *** the price of shoes like those?
9. I’m very bad *** cooking.
10. I believe [in] the fundamental goodness of human nature
11. She is unashamed *** her rather extreme views, even though many people find them offensive.
12. Look, if I want your advice, I’ll ask *** it (= Stop telling me what I should do)!
13. Why do men associate enjoying themselves *** getting drunk?
14. I was astonished *** the news of the divorce — they’d seemed so happy together.
15. A small number of children are educated *** home.
16. She thought that their attitude *** the problem was absolutely embarrassing.
17. People are becoming far more aware *** environmental issues.
18. Do you believe *** the curative powers of the local mineral water?
19. Annette may be bad *** giving directions but Kate’s worse.
20. They belonged *** the same scout troop.

Ex. 3 Fill in the missing particles.

Choose from the list

for, with, for, in, of, at, by, to

1. The advantage *** booking tickets in advance is that you get better seats.
2. Being afraid *** the dark, she always slept with the light on.
3. These advertisements are specifically aimed *** young people.
4. We were amazed *** what she told us.
5. They were angry *** the way they had been treated.
6. Don’t be angry at her *** being slow.
7. It was hard to be angry *** him when he looked so sorry.
8. If you tell someone to go to the devil you are annoyed *** them and want them to go away.
9. «Should I apologize ***him?» «Yes, I think you should.»
10. That bit of the form is for UK citizens — it doesn’t apply *** you.
11. It was dark by the time we arrived *** the station.
12. I’m ashamed *** you. You’re big enough to know better.
13. I’d ask my boss *** some time off but I don’t think she’d agree it.
14. The terrorists’ victim was not associated *** any paramilitary group
15. The doctors were astonished *** the speed of her recovery.
16. One of the minus points of working *** home is that you lack the social contact with other people.
17. His attitude *** marriage has been coloured by his unhappy childhood and his parent’s divorce.
18. I’ve been aware *** a strange presence in the flat ever since he died.
19. Do you believe *** reincarnation?
20. There are several things on the table which belong *** you.

Note: Материал составлен на базе приложения к учебнику Round Up 5 by Virginia Evans.

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