Prepositions 2

Запомните употребление следующих предлогов. При необходимости посмотрите значение слов в словаре. Выполните упражнения для закрепления материала.

blame for, bored with, borrow from, bump into, by accident/bus/chance, capable/cause of, care for/about, change for, charge with, cheque for, cause of, clever at, come from, connection with, complain about/of/to, concentrate on, conscious of, compare with, congratulate on

Ex. 1 Fill in the missing particles.

1. Hugh blames his mother *** his lack of confidence.
2. I enjoyed my job at the beginning, but I’m bored *** it now.
3. Could I borrow your bike *** you until next week?
4. Wherever I go I always seem to bump *** him.
5. Did you phone me on my birthday *** accident or by design?
6. You should go *** bus if you want to see the sights.
7. We met *** chance at a conference.
8. Only the Democratic Party is capable *** running the country.
9. I don’t care *** the rights and wrongs of the matter — I just want you both to stop arguing.
10. Sugar is a major cause *** tooth decay.
11. Careless campers were blamed *** starting the forest fires.
12. He was getting bored *** doing the same thing every day.
13. He borrowed a novel *** the library.
14. She bumped *** his tray, knocking the food onto his lap.
15. Did you leave his name out *** accident or was it intentional?
16. Shall we walk to the cinema or shall we travel *** bus?
17. He had the information that he could not have acquired *** chance.
18. A force 10 wind is capable *** blowing the roofs off houses.
19. She said she didn’t care *** it, but I believe she was secretly delighted.
20. The cause *** the accident may never be discovered.

Ex. 2 Fill in the missing particles.

1. Could you change a 10 note *** two fives, please?
2. She is charged *** murdering her husband.
3. I filled in the booking form and sent it off with a cheque *** $30.
4. Emergency workers at the site are still unable to discover the cause ***the explosion.
5. Fiona is very clever *** physics.
6. The runners in today’s Olympic marathon come *** 37 different countries.
7. Compare some recent work *** your older stuff and you’ll see how much you’ve improved.
8. He complains *** anything — his job, his wife, his back…
9. Don’t look back, concentrate *** the present!
10.I was just congratulating Ceri *** having won her race.
11.He is elegant, sensual, conscious *** his body.
12.I need to change my dollars *** English money.
13.The paper charged her *** using the company’s money for her own purposes.
14.She is very clever *** calculating numbers.
15.Where did all the scratches on this table come ***? It’s ruined.
16.Children seem to learn more interesting things compared *** when we were at school.
17.If the service was so bad why didn’t you complain *** the manager?
18.Just try to concentrate *** hitting the ball.
19.He lapped up the praise as his colleagues congratulated him *** his success.
20. The tooth doesn’t exactly hurt but I’m conscious *** it all the time.

Ex. 3 Fill in the missing particles.

1. The hot weather is partly to blame *** the water shortage.
2. She got bored *** homework quickly, but we kept her at it or she’d have failed the exam.
3. English has borrowed many words *** French.
4. We bumped *** Kate when we were in London last week.
5. I’m 17, but I’m still considered to be a child when I travel *** bus.
6. I got this job completely *** chance — I happened to be in the right place at the right time.
7. When she’s drunk she’s capable *** saying awful, rude things.
8. Who’ll care *** the children when Sandra’s in hospital?
9. What does he care *** the problems of teenagers?
10. Technological developments are often the cause *** neologism.
11. Is there a charge *** children or do they go free?
12. I wrote him a cheque *** $50.
13. The poet compares his lover’s tongue *** a razor blade.
14. She’s been complaining *** a bad back recently.
15. I think she’s very conscious *** being the only person in the office who didn’t have a university education.
16. An elderly couple live next door and they always complain *** the noise when we have a party.
17. I’d like to complain *** the neighbours about the noise but I don’t want to cause any badfeeling.
18. You can tell he’s got it bad because he can’t concentrate *** his work and
he talks about her all the time.
19. They say they want to talk to you in connection *** an unpaid tax bill.
20. When you read a poem out loud, you become more conscious *** the stresses and metre.

Note: Материал составлен на базе приложения к учебнику Round Up 5 by Virginia Evans с использованием аутентичных словарей.

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