Prepositions 3

Изучите следующие примеры употребления предлогов и выполните упражнения. Перевод фраз найдите самостоятельно.

consist of, contact with/between, convert/crash into, crowded/delighted with, cruel/damage to, deal/delighted with, decide on, explain/engage to, depend on, die of, difference between/of, disappointed/discuss with, divide/drive/escape into, dream of/about, excited about, demand for

Ex. 1 Fill in the missing particles.

1. The team consists *** four Europeans and two Americans.
2. «Have you been in contact *** Andrew recently?» «Only by telephone.»
3. Couldn’t we convert the small bedroom *** a second bathroom?
4. We skidded on the ice and crashed *** another car.
5. The room was crowded *** ornaments and useless knick-knacks.
6. Luckily, the accident caused only surface damage *** my car.
7. How do you intend to deal *** this problem?
8. He has decided *** a career in the British Army.
9. We’re delighted *** our new house.
10. All her poems consist *** five verses of four lines each.
11. I’m still in contact *** her — we write a couple of times a year.
12. What’s the formula for converting pounds *** kilos?
13. The plane crashed *** a mountainside.
14. The body of the cathedral is always crowded *** tourists.
15. Children can be very cruel *** one another.
16. Mass tourism has caused serious damage *** the environment in some areas of the Mediterranean.
17. One of our secretaries deals exclusively *** customers’ complaints.
18. They decided *** a change in lifestyle.
19. My husband and myself were delighted *** the gift.
20. What did you dream *** last night?

Ex. 2 Fill in the missing particles.

1. The concert has been cancelled because there has been little demand *** tickets.
2. Most of the local population depend *** fishing for their income.
3. She died *** her injuries.
4. What’s the age difference *** you and your brother — are you two or three years apart?
5. We were deeply disappointed *** the result.
6. I don’t feel I can discuss anything important *** my parents.
7. At the end of the lecture, I’d like all the students to divide *** small discussion groups.
8. I dream *** one day working for myself and not having a boss.
9. When I was little I used to dream *** having the money to buy all the sweets that I wanted.
10. Someone drove *** the back of his car yesterday.
11. She’d got engaged *** a young soldier.
12. The dog managed to escape *** the garden by burrowing under the fence.
13. Calm down, for goodness sake. It’s nothing to get excited ***!
14. There’s an increasing demand *** cars which are more economical on fuel.
15. The island was his hiding place when he felt the need to escape *** the stress of life.
16. I had a very odd dream *** you last night, Martin.
17. The fishermen were disappointed **** their catch that day.
18. «So what’s the difference *** these two TVs?» «Well, they’re basically the same, but the more expensive one comes with a remote control.»
19. His son died *** a drug overdose in 1978 at the age of 27.
20. There has been an explosion of demand *** computers in the last few years.

Ex. 3  Fill in the missing particles.

Choose from the list

to, on, of, between, with, into, about, for, from

1. Nitrogen is converted *** nitrates in the soil which plants can then use.
2. The car is responsible for causing a lot of damage *** our environment.
3. Bank staff are to be given more training to help them deal *** armed robbers.
4. He decided *** a change of direction and gave up his job to travel the world.
5. The audience was/were clearly delighted *** the performance.
6. I’d always dreamt *** owning my own house, but I never thought it would come true.
7. He managed to escape *** prison after faking a heart attack and persuading prison staff to take him to hospital.
8. The progress made in controlling pollution levels is nothing to get excited *** .
9. There is a great difference *** theory and practice.
10. Demand *** transatlantic flights has been hit by fears of terrorist attacks

Note: Материал составлен на базе приложения к учебнику Round Up 5 by Virginia Evans с использованием аутентичных словарей.

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