Round Up 5 Prepositions 7

Предпоследний набор предлогов. Изучаем, выполняем упражнения.

scared of, search for, sentence to, shocked by, short of, shout at/to, similar to, smile at, solution to, sorry for, sensible of, speak to/about, spend on, suffer from, surprised with, suspicious of, take care of, talk to/about, tease about, terrified of, think of

Ex. 1 Fill in the missing particles.

1. He did not appear to be sensible *** the difficulties that lay ahead.
2. I smiled *** her but she ignored me.
3. She shouted *** him to call his dog off.
4. Stories about pirates often include a search *** buried treasure.
5. His main source of work had dried up, leaving him short *** money.
6. Annette’s scared *** flying.
7. We haven’t managed to find out the solution *** our problem yet.
8. She’s definitely not similar *** me.
9. His friends were deeply shocked and saddened *** the tragic news of his death.
10. He was sentenced *** life imprisonment.
11. He’s scared *** spiders.
12. The farmer shouted *** the boys to clear off his land.
13. The police have been tireless in their search *** the child’s killer.
14. He was shocked *** extreme anger of her reply.
15. The judge sentenced her *** three years in prison.
16. August car sales fell short *** the industry’s expectations.
17. The chameleon survives by looking similar *** its background.
18. When he smiled *** me I knew everything was all right.
19. We need to find a solution *** the problem of pollution in our cities.
20. Sorry *** keeping you waiting.

Ex. 2 Fill in the missing particles.

1. When no one else is around, she tends to talk *** herself.
2. I used to be terrified *** getting needles (= being injected) when I was a kid.
3. My grandparents are suspicious *** foreigners to the point of xenophobia.
4. I’m surprised *** you behaving so badly
5. Stop mothering her — she’s 40 years old and can take care *** herself perfectly well.
6. By mid-day we’d really begun to suffer *** heat.
7. Most people think *** a tomato as a kind of vegetable.
8. I’m terrified *** forgetting my lines when I’m performing live.
9. Don’t tease him *** his weight, you’re being cruel.
10. It will spare him worry if you speak to him *** it in private.
11. I wish you’d look at me when I’m trying to speak *** you!
12. I was becoming increasingly suspicious *** his motives.
13. You only live once, so you have to be true to yourself, and not worry about what other people think *** you.
1. Having so little money to spend *** an apartment does limit you in your choice.
2. Parents and teenagers often suffer *** a breakdown in communications.
3. It is possible to do corrective surgery on the eyes to take care *** the problem.
4. Tense and nervous, he sat in the corner of the room and refused to talk *** anyone.
5. She felt betrayed by her mother because she couldn’t talk to her *** her problems.
6. Leave your sister alone — she’s been teased *** her boyfriend enough.
7. When preparing meals, you need to think *** variety and taste as well as nutritional value.

Ex. 3 Fill in the missing particles.

of, to, by, from, about

1. Let him come and speak to me, I’m not scared *** him.
2. He was sentenced *** 13 years in jail for smuggling arms and explosives.
3. People were shocked *** the horror film about a young child being possessed by the Devil.
4. Folk is modern music and songs that are written in a style similar *** that of traditional music.
5. We’re relying on you to find a solution *** this problem.
6. He’s a snob — if you haven’t been to the right school he probably won’t even speak *** you.
7. Children who eat a lot of sweets are more likely to suffer *** dental caries.
8. They are deeply suspicious *** one another motives.
9. Now would be a good time to talk to Andy *** the promotion.
10. Despite himself, he laughed when she teased him *** his tie.

Note: Материал составлен на базе приложения к учебнику Round Up 5 by Virginia Evans с использованием аутентичных словарей.

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