Round Up5 Prepositions 6

Изучите примеры употребления предлогов (prepositions), при необходимости посмотрите перевод фраз в словаре. Затем приступайте к выполнению упражнений.

point at, polite to, prefer to, prevent from, proof of, protect against/from, proud of, provide with, reaction to, reason for, regard as, relationship with, rely on, remind of, reply to, responsible for, rise in, rude to, satisfied with, save from

Ex. 1 Fill in the missing particles.

1. I could see him pointing *** me and telling the other guests what I had said.
2. Please be polite *** our guests.
3. I much prefer jazz *** rock music.
4. «Look,» she said, pointing ***a vase in a shop window.
5. You must be more polite *** the customers.
6. His back injury may prevent him *** playing in tomorrow’s game.
7. We are here to provide the public *** a service.
8. I prefer red wine *** white.
9. Can you provide any proof *** identity?
10. A spokesman said the changes were not in reaction *** the company’s recent losses.
11. Physical exercise can protect you *** heart disease.
12. This latest interview was further proof *** how good at her job Cara was.
13. The project is designed to provide young people *** work.
14. Her parents are very proud *** her.
15. People give different reasons *** wanting to change jobs.
16. The cover protects the machine *** dust.
17. You should be proud *** yourself.
18. What was his reaction *** the news?
19. She gave no reasons *** her decision.
20. Nothing would prevent him *** speaking out against injustice.

Ex. 2 Fill in the missing particles.

1. Capital punishment was regarded *** inhuman and immoral.
2. I have quite a good relationship *** my parents.
3. I knew I could rely *** David.
4. He fell in the river but his friend saved him *** drowning.
5. She’s never satisfied *** what she’s got.
6. He made a few notes to remind himself *** what he wanted to say.
7. Has Ian replied *** your letter yet?
8. Police believe that the same man is responsible *** three other murders in the area.
9. He regards himself *** a patriot.
10. I have established a good working relationship *** my boss.
11. Many working women rely *** relatives to help take care of their children.
12. So she simply welcomed him and reminded him *** the last time they had met…
13. I try to reply *** letters the day I receive them.
14. The airline is legally responsible *** the safety of its passengers.
15. There has been a sharp rise *** the number of people out of work.
16. Why are you so rude *** her?
17. August has seen a large rise *** the number of unemployed.
18. He’s got no manners — he’s rude *** everyone.
19. I’m not satisfied *** the way he cut my hair.
20. The prize money saved her *** having to find a job.

Ex. 3 Fill in the missing particles.

1. He stood up and pointed his gun *** the prisoner.
2. I’m afraid I wasn’t very polite *** her.
3. Even today, most Americans prefer coffee *** tea.
4. The reason *** the disaster was engine failure, not human error.
5. Waxing your car will help protect *** rust.
6. The government was not in a position to provide them *** food.
7. There has been a mixed reaction *** her appointment as director.
8. Her parents always regarded her *** the cleverest of their children.
9. Many people now rely *** the Internet for news.
10. The shape of Cancer always reminds me *** a very dim and ghostly Orion.
11. He never replied *** any of my letters.
12. He is responsible *** recruiting and training new staff.
13. Stop being so rude *** her father — walking out when he gives her advice.
14. I was very satisfied *** the arrangements for accommodation
15. She was hoping that something might save her *** having to make a decision…

Note: Материал составлен на базе приложения к учебнику Round Up 5 by Virginia Evans с использованием  аутентичных словарей.

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