Глаголы lie, lay, lie

Глаголы lie- лежать, lay — класть и lie- лгать схожи по написанию и представляют трудность для запоминания. Чтобы не запутаться в них, предлагаем небольшую запоминалку.
Мы лежим НА, следовательно глагол ЛЕЖАТЬ (на) в третьей форме на конце имеет букву n
to lie — lay — lain
Во второй форме Вы не ошибётесь, если посмотрите на третью. Та же гласная буква повторяется.
Продолжаем запоминать. Из оставшихся двух глаголов класть и лгать один правильный, другой неправильный. Запоминаем разницу таким образом: лгать нехорошо, неправильно, но глагол правильный.
To lie — lied — lied (просто добавляем -d)
Осталось разобраться с последним глаголом, и это глагол lay. Он неправильный, похож на say. Формы от say — said — said, значит от lay будут lay — laid — laid.

Подведём итог:

to lie — lay -lain — lying лежать
to lie — lied — lied — lying лгать
to lay — laid — laid  — laying класть

В заключение запомним несколько устойчивых словосочетаний с этими глаголами:

lay the table — накрывать на стол
lay foundations — закладывать основы
lay eggs — откладывать яйца
lie in the sun — загорать
tell lies — говорить неправду

А теперь пробуем себя в упражнениях. Помните о необходимости изменять  глаголы в соответствии с временем.

Ex. 1 Fill in the correct word.

1. He was *** on the bed smoking a cigarette.
2. She moved up the stairs past the few skins that *** on a table and made her way into the office.
3. She had *** to protect her son.
4. For a few minutes he just *** there.
5. She would *** awake worrying.
6. The dog was *** dead on the floor.
7. *** flat on the floor.
8. She *** back against the pillows.
9. The papers were *** neatly on his desk.
10. The town *** in a small wooded valley.
11. A blank and empty future *** before me.
12. I was wondering what *** in store for us.
13. The book *** open on the table.
14. The town now *** in ruins.
15. Don’t *** in the sun for too long.
16. The cat was *** fast asleep by the fire.
17. Clothes were *** all over the floor.
18. The book *** open on his desk.
19. Snow was *** thick on the ground.
20. The town *** on the coast.

Ex. 2 Fill in the correct word.

1. You could see from his face that he was ***.
2. Don’t *** to me!
3. She *** about her age.
4. The camera cannot *** (= give a false impression).
5. A pen *** on the desk.
6. The river *** 30km to the south.
7. Here *** the body of Mary Taylor (= This is where Mary Taylor is buried).
8. There are several houses *** empty in the town.
9. The town *** in ruins.
10. Are you accusing me of telling ***?
11. Are you *** to me?
12. Don’t trust her — she’s ***.
13. I suspect he *** about his age.
14. There was a child *** on the ground…
15. He *** awake watching her for a long time.
16. Broken glass *** scattered on the carpet.
17. The islands *** at the southern end of the Kurile chain.
18. The picture *** hidden in the archives for over 40 years…
19. His country’s economy *** in ruins.
20. ‘Who else do you work for?’-‘No one.’-‘That’s a ***.’…

Ex. 3 Fill in the correct word.

1. All the boys told *** about their adventures.
2. If someone is ***, they are saying something which they know is not true.
3. He *** his hand on my shoulder.
4. *** the material flat on the table.
5. It was an invention which *** the foundations of modern radio technology.
6. The carpet was *** last week.
7. The project involved *** an oil pipeline across the desert.
8. The flies *** their eggs on decaying meat.
9. John was *** the table.
10. As she spoke, she was *** him a place at the table.
11. Mandela helped *** the foundations for a new democratic South Africa.
12. She *** the baby down gently on the bed.
13. The cloth should be *** flat.
14. The foundations of the house are being *** today.
15. (figurative) They had *** the groundwork for future development.
16. Before they started they *** newspaper on the floor.
17. Look for a butterfly *** its eggs.
18. The grapes were *** to dry on racks.
19. The cuckoo *** its eggs in other birds’ nests.
20. The hens are not *** well (= not producing many eggs).

Ex. 4 Fill in the correct word.

1. Thousands of turtles drag themselves onto the beach and *** their eggs in the sand.
2. He *** the tray down on the table.
3. She *** aside her book and went to answer the phone.
4. We’re having a new carpet *** in the hall next week.
5. The plan is to *** (= build) the foundations for the new apartments in October.
6. The bird *** a single egg on the ground.
7. The floor was *** with newspaper.
8. A female toad may *** 20,000 eggs each season; perhaps a quarter of a million in her lifetime.
9. On his way out, Jack stole the goose that *** the golden eggs.
10. This time the front door was open and a swathe of sunlight *** across the red-tiled floor.
11. A fat young man *** spread-eagled on the floor.
12. I hobbled upstairs and *** on the floor to get my shorts off.
13. Her skirt and top *** puddled on the floor where she had taken them off.
14. His binoculars *** abandoned on the floor.
15. Mr Knospe *** the foundation stone and drank his share of champagne at a party in his honor.
16. The drama school training will only *** the foundations and prepare you for the profession you are joining.
17. Then I hear Gary returning and I go down to *** the table.
18. The Tasman Sea *** between Tasmania and Australia.
19. My gun *** on a small table.
20. In the kitchen Anne and Millie are *** the table for dinner, talking seriously.
21. *** a sheet of newspaper on the floor…
22. Mothers routinely *** babies on their backs to sleep.

Note: Упражнения составлены на базе аутентичных словарей.

Данные материалы могут быть использованы для подготовки к централизованному тестированию по английскому языку.

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