Confusing verbs borrow/lend/loan

A loan is a sum of money that you borrow. It’s a noun. Though in AmE it is used as a verb alongside with to lend. Here we’ll speak about it as a noun only.

borrow / lend

These two words are often confused. You borrow something from someone else, while they lend it to you: E. g. Can I borrow your pen? • Can I borrow a pen from you? • Here, I’ll lend you my pen.

Fill in the missing words.

1.      Can I *** your pen for a minute?
2.      Did you *** that book to Mike?
3.      She got a *** from the bank.
4.      The bank agreed to *** him $5000.
5.      You are allowed to *** six books from the library at a time.
6.      Can you *** me your pen?
7.      The company asked for a ?100,000 ***.
8.      They refused to *** us the money.
9.      Can I *** your umbrella?
10.  Thanks for the *** of your camera.
11.  Has he returned that book you *** him?
12.  Banks are cautious about making new ***.
13.  She used to *** money and not bother to pay it back.
14.  He *** a novel from the library.
15.  I don’t like to *** from friends.
16.  He asked his father for a ***.
17.  I had to take out a *** to buy my car.
18.  I *** my CD player to Dave and I haven’t got it back yet.
19.  I hoped to persuade my bank manager to give us a ***.
20.  The hospital agreed to *** us a wheelchair.
21.  A lot of banks are unwilling to *** money to new businesses.
22.  Can you *** me $20?
23.  I’ve *** the car to a friend.
24.  Can you *** me your car this evening?
25.  The bank refused to *** the money to us.
26.  She doesn’t like *** her books.
27.  If you need a coat I can *** you one/*** one to you.
28.  The bank refuses to *** to students.
29.  It’ll be years before we’ve paid off the ***.
30.  It took three years to repay my student *** (= money lent to a student).

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