Misused forms of some verbs

The main forms of these verbs are often misused. Practice them to make sure you don’t make mistakes in using them.

1. Beat — beat — beaten бить, ударять
2. Bite — bit — bitten кусать(ся)
3. Feel — felt — felt чувствовать, ощущать
4. Fall — fell — fallen падать
5. Find — found — found находить
6. Found — founded — founded основывать
7. Hang — hung — hung вешать (на стену)
8. Hang — hanged — hanged вешать (о казни)
9. Saw — sawed -sawed пилить
10. Sew — sewed — sewn шить, пришивать
11. Strike — struck — struck бить, ударять
12. Stroke — stroked — stroked гладить

1. I (beat) him more often at pool than he (beat) me. Present Simple
2. Two prisoners (beat) unconscious. Past Simple Passive
3. She (beat) her own record of three minutes ten seconds. Present Perfect
4. My wife tried to stop them and they (beat) her… Past Simple
5. The rain (beat) on the windowpanes. Past Continuous

1. The dog (bite) him and made his hand bleed.
2. I wish I could stop (bite) my nails.
3. She paused uncertainly, (bite) her lip.
4. Does your dog (bite)?
5. We were badly (bite) by mosquitoes.

1. I (feel) sorry for him.
2. Luckily I (feel) in a good mood. Past Continuous
3. I (feel) like a complete idiot. Past Continuous
4. Sam (feel) cold and utterly miserable. Past Simple
5. He’s still (feel) a bit weak after his operation.

1. Lizzie (fall) down and hurt her knee.
2. He believes that educational standards (fall). Present Continuous
3. Several of the books (fall) onto the floor. Past Perfect
4. September had come and the leaves were starting (fall).
5. Athletes have to learn how (fall) without hurting themselves.

1. I can’t (find) the car keys.
2. I managed (find) a solution to the problem.
3. Have they (find) anyone to replace her yet?
4. The police (find) found a weapon. Present Perfect
5. Illegal drugs (find) in the singer’s luggage. Past Simple Passive

1. The newspaper (found) in 1909.
2. He (found) the city of Baghdad in the 8th century.
3. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (found) the group in the early Sixties.
4. York (found) by the Romans in the year 71 AD.
5. Eton College (found) by Henry VI in 1440.

1. An old-fashioned gas lamp (hang) from the ceiling. Past Simple
2. Her long hair (hang) loose about her shoulders. Past Simple
3. He (hang) for murder. Past Simple Passive
4. The dog’s tongue (hang) out. Past Continuous
5. A heavy gold necklace (hang) around her neck. Past Simple

1. He (saw) the log in half. Past Simple
2. The prisoner had escaped by (saw) through the bars on the window.
3. She (sew) the two sides together. Past Simple
4. My mother taught me how (sew).
5. She (sew) all her own clothes.

1. The last rays of the setting sun (strike) the windows. Past Simple
2. The ship (strike) a rock. Past Simple
3. The child ran into the road and (strike) by a car.
4. The tree (strike) by lightning. Past Simple Passive
5. The stone (strike) her on the forehead. Past Simple

1. She (stroke) his hair as he gradually fell asleep.
2. He’s a beautiful dog. Can I (stroke) him?
3. Carla, curled up on the sofa, was smoking a cigarette and (stroke) her cat…
4. The old priest (stroke) his white beard as he listened.
5. Ann took the baby in her arms and (stroke) his cheek.

Note: Упражнение составлено на базе аутентичных словарей, указанных на странице «О блоге и авторе»

Данные материалы могут быть использованы для подготовки к централизованному тестированию по английскому языку.

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