Confusing verbs suit/fit/match

Suit 1) Сlothes, colours etc that suit you make you look attractive. 2) If something suits you, it is convenient for you or is the best thing for you in the circumstances.

Fit -If something fits, it is the right size and shape to go onto a person’s body or onto a particular object.

Use fit to say that clothes are not too big or too small. Use suit to say that clothes look attractive on someone: The dress fits, but it doesn’t suit me.

Match — if two things match, or if one thing matches another, they have the same colour, pattern, or style and therefore look attractive together.

Запоминаем: Чтобы не путаться в значениях этих глаголов, предлагаю построить ассоциации. Слово match как существительное обозначает матч. Футбольный матч —> мяч. Мяч двух цветов: чёрный с белым. Слово matchподходить по цвету.

Слово fit имеет в русском языке производное фитнес. Те, кто занимается фитнесом, следят за своей фигурой.  Размер. fit подходить по размеру.

Слово suit обозначает подходить к лицу или быть удобным в определённой Сситуации.

Ex. 1 Fill in suit, fit or match in their forms.

1. That coat really *** Paul.
2. If we met at 2, would that *** you?
3. The sash, kimono, and other garments were made to *** a child…
4. For every outfit, Stephanie seemed to have a handbag and shoes to ***.
5. She has to go to the men’s department to find trousers that *** at the waist…
6. Red *** you.
7. Her nails were painted bright red to *** her dress…
8. There’s a range of restaurants to *** all tastes.
9. His clothes did not *** him very well.
10. The earrings *** her eyes.
11. The new hairstyle really *** her.
12. The uniform *** her perfectly.
13. The jacket’s fine, but the trousers don’t ***.
14. I work part time, which *** me fine.
15. I can’t find clothes to *** me.
16. All the chairs ***…
17. You don’t have to *** your lipstick exactly to your outfit…
18. The doors were painted blue to *** the walls.
19. I’m looking for a rug to *** my bedroom curtains.
20. Blue *** you. You should wear it more often.
21. That jacket *** well.
22. Dark colors *** her best.
23. In the lounge everything ***; the curtains, the sofa, the carpet and the cushions.
24. This lipstick *** your blouse exactly.
25. I tried the dress on but it didn’t ***.
26. If you want to go by bus, that *** me fine.


1. suits 2. suit 3. fit 4. match 5. fit 6. suits 7. match 8. suit 9. fit 10. matched 11. suits 12. fits 13. fit 14. suits 15. fit 16. matched 17. match 18. match 19. match 20. suits 21. fits 22. suit 23. matched 24. matches 25. fit 26. suits


Note: Упражнение составлено на базе аутентичных словарей.

Данные материалы могут быть использованы для подготовки к централизованному тестированию по английскому языку.

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