bring — to come towards the speaker, writer, etc carrying sth or accompaying somebody
fetch — to go and get something or someone and bring them back
take — to move or go with someone or something from one place to another (opposite of bring)

Note: In American English get is used instead of fetch.

Bring shows movement toward the speaker:
bring —-> speaker
Take shows movement away from the speaker:
speaker —-> take

Разница в глаголах зависит от места нахождения говорящего. Обычно take — это движение OT говорящего, a bring — K нему. Fetch обозначает движение OT и K, то есть пойти за чем-то и вернуться с этим обратно.

Ex. 1 Fill in bring/fetch/take in their forms.

1. Remember to *** an apron or an old shirt to protect your clothes…
2. Did you *** an umbrella?
3. Shannon went upstairs to *** some blankets.
4. It was the first time Joey had ever *** a girl home.
5. Is it OK if I *** some friends to the party?
6. Shall I *** my host family a gift??
7. She *** her boyfriend to the party.
8. «Shall I *** anything to the party?» «Oh, just a bottle.»
9. Someone went upstairs and *** down a huge kettle..
10. I have to *** my mother from the station.
11. Quick! Go and *** a doctor.
12. Come to my party and *** a girl with you…
13. Would you mind going to *** the kids from school?
14. My father *** home a book for me.
15. *** me some coffee while you’re up.
16. *** a present for Helen.
17. The inhabitants have to walk a mile to *** water.
18. She’s gone to *** the kids from school.
19. Don’t forget to *** your books with you.
20. Let me *** a chair for you.
21. We used to go and *** milk from the farm.
22. Barney *** us to the airport.
23. Could you *** my glasses for me from the other room, please?
24. Would you mind *** Susie home?
25. *** this to the bank for me, would you?
26. Mark often *** his books to Bess’s house to study…
27. I asked my son to *** me a drink of water.
28. You should *** your passport with you when changing money…
29. Don’t forget to *** your camera.
30. The school bus *** them to school and *** them back…

Note: Упражнение составлено на базе аутентичных словарей.
Данные материалы могут быть использованы для подготовки к централизованному тестированию по английскому языку.

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