Confusing verbs worry/excite/bother

Worry — give no peace of mind. If you worry, you keep thinking about problems that you have or about unpleasant things that might happen. мучить(ся), терзать(ся), беспокоить(ся)
Excite — 1) to make sb feel very pleased, interested or enthusiastic, especially about sth that is going to happen. волновать
2) to make sb nervous or upset and unable to relax (например, не волновать больного)
Bother — be or cause trouble to, to worry. If someone bothers you, they talk to you when you want to be left alone or interrupt you when you are busy. If you do not bother to do something or if you do not bother with it, you do not do it, consider it, or use it because you think it is unnecessary or because you are too lazy. 1) надоедать, беспокоить 2) беспокоиться, волноваться

Выполняя упражнения, из множества представленных значений рекомендуем определить для себя, какого рода волнение или беспокойство испытывает человек: приятное (excite), не заслуживающее внимания (bother), очень сильное по поводу будущих неприятных событий (worry) и выбрать соответствующий глагол.

Ex. 1 Fill in worry, bother or excite in their forms.

1. Don’t ***, your luggage will come on afterwards by taxi…
2. That kind of jealousy doesn’t *** me…
3. I don’t know why he *** me with this kind of rubbish.
4. Why *** asking if you’re not really interested?
5. I’m still in the early days of my recovery and that *** me…
6. Most of the papers didn’t even *** reporting it…
7. Don’t *** about the exams, you’ll be fine.
8. You’ve really got no need to *** about your weight.
9. He didn’t even *** to let me know he was coming.
10. Dad *** over the slightest thing.
11. There’s no point in *** over things you can’t change.
12. I only take on work that *** me, even if it means turning down lots of money…
13. I *** about her constantly…
14. Never *** about people’s opinions.
15. The prospect of working in Australia really *** me.
16. We are playing a trick on a man who keeps *** me…
17. Don’t *** about me. I’ll be all right.
18. The prospect of a year in India greatly *** her.
19. Try not to *** your baby too much before bedtime.
20. Lots of people don’t *** to go through a marriage ceremony these days…
21. Nothing I do makes any difference anyway, so why ***?
22. Is something *** you?…
23. Where the show really *** is in the display of avant-garde photography.
24. She *** that she might have taken on too much work.
25. It *** me that boys weren’t interested in me…
26. ‘Why didn’t you tell us?’-‘I didn’t want to *** you.’…
27. Shall I wait?’ ‘No, don’t ***’.
28. Don’t *** yourself (= keep calm).
29. I don’t know why I ***! Nobody ever listens!
30. It’s not worth *** with (= using) an umbrella-the car’s just outside.

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