The verb to taste

taste иметь вкус (not used in the progressive tenses)
taste пробовать на вкус (is used in the progressive tenses)

Fill in taste in its forms.

1. This drink … like sherry.
2. Whether an animal … … or smelling its food may be difficult to determine….
3. I’… … the soup, to check if it needs more salt.
4. I don’t like cranberries — they … kind of sour.
5. I … … the cake.
6. I ordered chocolate ice cream but this … of coffee.
7. It’s a vegetarian pie, but it … just like meat!
8. This milk … strange — do you think it’s OK to drink?
9. You should … my Dad’s fried chicken, it’s delicious.
10. The pizza … delicious without any cheese at all.
11. It’s a vegetarian pie, but it … just like meat!
12. The cake … pretty good to me.
13. Jane … … the milk to see if it’s hot.
14. You can … the garlic in this stew.
15. Although the meal was cold, it … delicious.

Note: the examples were taken from authentic English dictionaries.
The material was taken from Upstream Proficiency by Virginia Evans -Jenny Dooley.

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