The verb to have

Have (got)= own, possess (not used in Continuous tenses)
Have=to experience (is used in Continuous tenses)

Fill in have in its forms.

1. An organiser said: «She … … such a great time she didn’t want to go.
2. … your secretary … a fax machine?
3. He …  much luck recently.
4. … you ever … your own business?
5. He’s a lovely dog — how long … you … him?
6. We’…  a lot of difficulties with our new computer system.
7. I (not) …  that much money on me.
8. They … a lot of courage.
9. I … difficulty in staying awake.
10. They … a beautiful home.
11. He … plenty of money but no style.
12. We’… … a wonderful time here in Venice.
13. I’… … two brothers.
14. He said: «Unemployment and the fear of it …  a corrosive effect on our economy.
15. The house … gas-fired central heating.
16. He …  much luck recently.

Note: the examples were taken from authentic English dictionaries..
The material was taken from Upstream Proficiency by Virginia Evans -Jenny Dooley.

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