The verb to smell

Smell- smelled, smelled (BrE also smelt, smelt )


Smell to have a particular smell — пахнуть (not used in Continuous tenses)


Smell to experience the smell of something by putting your nose close to it — нюхать (is used in Continuous tenses)

Fill in smell in its forms.

1.     Dinner … good.

2.     The old crocodile … … hook not bait.

3.     His breath … of garlic.

4.     What … the perfume … like?

5.     Turakina wrinkled her nose as if she … … bad meat.

6.     He hadn’t washed for days and was beginning ….

7.     It … … me.

8.     It … delicious.

9.     Why … you … the soup?

10. The laboratory … strongly of chemicals.

11. There’s something in the fridge that … mouldy.

12. I’… … the rose now.

13. Her jacket … of smoke.

14. Cigarettes make your clothes … awful.

15. The dog … … Bob’s clothing. I hope the dog can find Bob!

Note: the examples were taken from authentic English dictionaries..

The material was taken from Upstream Proficiency by Virginia Evans -Jenny Dooley.

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