Времена глагола в заданиях тестирования

Вариант1 РТ 2009/2010

Прочитайте текст. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа.

In ancient Rome there lived a poor slave who (A9)… Androclus. He had a very bad master and one day Androclus ran away. For many days he (A10)… in the forest without any food. He was about to die as he (A11) … anything for a long time. He found a cave, (A12) … on the ground and fell asleep. But soon he (A13)… up by a loud noise. To his horror Androclus saw a big lion coming into the cave. The next moment Androclus understood that something (A14)… to the lion’s foot. He could hardly move. The slave raised the lion’s paw and saw a big thorn in it. He pulled it out and the lion jumped with joy. They became good friends and lived in the cave for a long time.
But one day Androclus was caught. There was a law in Rome that every slave who (A15)… from his master had to fight with a hungry lion. So, Androclus was brought to the arena where a lot of people (A16) … . Soon a hungry lion (A17)…. Androclus gave a cry of joy as it was his old friend that (A18)… to fight with him. The lion jumped at Androclus and began to lick his face and hands.

A9. 1) was called?

A10.1) hided

A11.1) was not eating

A12.1) lay?

A13.1) was wakening

A14.1) has happened

A15.1) was running

A16.1) sit

A17.1) let in

A18.1) brought

2) called

2) was hided

2) hadn’t been eaten

2) laid

2) had been woken

2) had happened?

2) had run?

2) were sat

2) was let in?

2) had brought

3) had called

3) has hidden

3) hadn’t eaten?

3) had lain

3) woke

3) was happened

3) has run

3) were sitting?

3) had let in

3) was bringing

4) was calling

4) had been hiding

?4) hasn’t been eating

4) was laying

4) was woken?

4) was happening

4) is running

4) have been sitting

4) had been let in

4) had been brought?

Для начала определим время повествования There lived — Past Simple. Прямой речи нет, значит предположительно будут только прошедшие времена.

A9. раб, которого звали… — пассивное подлежащее в прошлом Past Simple Passive
A10. for many days — указывает на длительное действие в прошлом, вариант с Continuous — 4
A11. Он был готов умереть, потому что не ел… — причина-следствие в прошлом. Причина предшествует следствию. Past Perfect
A12. нашёл, лёг, уснул — действия в прошлом — Past Simple
A13. его разбудил шум — пассивное подлежащее в прошлом Past Simple Passive
A14. понял, что что-то случилось. Сначала случилось, затем он понял Past Perfect
A15. каждый слуга, который убегал, должен был сражаться… — Сначала убегал, затем сражался Past Perfect
A16. люди сидели (долго) — Past Continuous
A17. льва привели. — Пассивное подлежащее в прошлом Past Simple Passive
A18. лев, которого привели — (раньше, чем Андрокл издал крик радости) Past Perfect Passive

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