Infinitive or Gerund after remember

Help Note: Notice the difference between remember doing sth and remember to do sth:
I remember posting the letter means ‘I have an image in my memory of doing it’;
I remembered to post the letter means ‘I didn’t forget to do it.’

Choose the correct verbal

Gerund or Infinitive?

1. Please remember (enclose) a stamped addressed envelope when writing.
2. I certainly don’t remember (talk) to you at all…
3. I can’t remember (say) any such thing
4. Remember (call) your mother every day!
5. She remembers (see) him leave an hour ago.
6. He never remembered (lock) the door when he went out.
7. Do you remember (switch) the lights off before we came out?
8. I vaguely remember (hear) him come in.
9. Remember (call) me when you arrive!
10. I remember (meet) her at a party once.
11. I vaguely remember (read) something about it in the paper.
12. I remember (play) there when I was little.
13. The coffeepot remembers (start) the coffee at 7 A.M. every day.

Note: упражнение составлено на базе аутентичных электронных словарей.

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