Infinitive or Gerund after regret

If you regret doing something, you wish you had not done it.
You can say that you regret to say something before giving bad news.

Choose the correct verbal

Gerund or Infinitive?

1. I regret (have) to leave so early.
2. We regret (inform) you that your position has been eliminated.
3. I don’t regret (move) to York.
4. I regret (say) that you did not gain admission to Harvard
5. I regret (inform) you that you have not been approved for the loan.
6. We regret (inform) you that your application has not been successful.
7. I now regret (leave) school so young.
8. I regret (inform) you that your contract will not be renewed.
9. Do you regret (resign) from your job?
10. I am sorry (tell) you that you failed the test.
11. We regret (inform) you that no trains will run today.
12. I have always regretted (not, have) studied harder at school.
13. British Airways regret (announce) the cancellation of flight BA205 to Madrid.
14. You will regret (speak) to me that way!
15. I immediately regretted (not, ask) for his name and address.
16. Five years later she regrets (have) given up her home.
17. Her lack of co-operation is nothing new, I regret (say)…

Note: упражнение составлено на базе аутентичных электронных словарей.

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