Infinitive or Gerund after try

Help Note: Notice the difference between try to do sth and try doing sth: You should try to eat more fruit. means ‘You should make an effort to eat more fruit.’; You should try eating more fruit. means ‘You should see if eating more fruit will help you’ (to feel better, for example).

Choose the correct verbal

Gerund or Infinitive?

1. Try (complete) the examination.
2. He tried (shake) off his fears.
3. Just try (stay) calm.
4. She tried (talk) about it to Steve, but he wouldn’t listen.
5. I want to try (play) soccer this spring.
6. Try (add) cornstarch to thicken the sauce a bit.
7. You haven’t even tried (find) it.
8. Don’t try (do) it too quickly.
9. He tried (control) his voice.
10. She was trying (not, cry).
11. They decided they would try (live) in America for a while.
12. Try (log) off and (log) on again.
13. I tried (open) the window.
14. Perhaps you should try (get up) (= You should get up) earlier in the mornings.
15. Try (use) a different shampoo.
16. He tried (help) me with my homework.
17. He secretly tried (block) her advancement in the Party…
18. I tried (call) him when I got here but he wasn’t at home…

Note: упражнение составлено на базе электронных словарей, указанных на странице О блоге.

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