The verb to need with Gerund and Infinitive

You can say that you need to do something : I need to clean (NOT I need clean) the house.
If someone else is going to do something for you, you can say that you need something done or need something doing : I need my car fixed urgently. | You need your head examining!
When you are talking about the object that is going to have something done to it, you can say that it needs something doing or needs something to be done : My hair needs cutting. | That box needs to be moved (NOT needs moved).

Проще говоря, у инфинитива активное значение, у  герундия пассивное. Американский вариант предполагает употребление пассивного инфинитива вместо герундия.

Choose and fill in the necessary verbal: Gerund or Infinitive. In some cases two variants are possible.

1. The car needs (wash).
2. She needs (rest).
3. They needed (be) careful.
4. You will need (show) your passport.
5. Do I need (come) with you?
6. I’ll need (know) your decision by next week.
7. Do I need (buy) tickets for the children?
8. We don’t need (get) into an argument over this.
9. You need (be) over 18 to be able to vote.
10. I need (spend) more time studying.
11. This shirt needs (wash).
12. She said she needed (go) out for a walk.
13. He needs (see) a doctor straightaway.
14. I need (catch) up on my office work.
15. You need (let) me know by Monday if you want to take part.
16. Does this shirt need (iron)?
17. The pie doesn’t need (be) refrigerated.
18. My hair needs (cut).
19. I don’t need (leave) until 10.
20. Most people need (feel) loved.
21. She needs her hair (wash).
22. He needs (lose) a bit of weight.
23. I need (do) some shopping on my way home from work.
24. You don’t need (wait) for me…

Note: упражнение составлено на базе электронных словарей, указанных на странице О блоге.

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