Прогулка на гору Rushmore

На этот раз автор решила обойтись без комментариев, указав только ответы.

Часть А Какой-то вариант PT 2009

Прочитайте текст. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа.

The American sculptor Gutzon Borglum (A9) … 14 years carving the busts of American Presidents in Mount Rushmore at 5000 feet above the sea level as a tribute to American leadership. The work (A10)… when he was 60, a time when most men (A11) … for their retirement, and not for a lengthy project. After his death, his son (A12) … the project until the funding (A13) … over. Of the four statues, George Washington’s bust is the most prominent. He (A14)… as serious as American people (A15)… to think of him. Behind him is Thomas Jefferson, who (A16)… with a friendlier face. Teddy Roosevelt (A17)… in the corner next to Abraham Lincoln, whose bust (A18)… the least complete.

A9 1) had spent ? 2) was spent 3) had been spent 4) was spending
A10 1) was beginning 2) has begun 3) began ? 4) was being begun
A11 1) prepared 2) will have prepared 3) are preparing ? 4) have prepared
A12 1)  has continued 2) was continued 3) has been continuing 4) continued?
A13 1) would be 2) was ? 3) hadn’t been 4) wasn’t
A14 1) looks  ? 2) is looked 3) has looked 4) was looking
A15 1) were tending always 2) are always tended 3) have always tended ? 4) were always tended
A16 1) was carving 2) had carved 3) was carved ? 4) were always tended
A17 1) will be placed 2) is placed ? 3) was placing 4) had placed
A18 1) is seeming 2) is seemed 3) has seemed 4) seems ?

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