Лексико-грамматический тест 11 (Могилёв)

Lexical-Grammar Test Form 11

I. Use the correct tense-form of the verbs in brackets.

Three people (1)— (to injure) in a crash involving two lorries and a van on the A-45 near Brighton on Saturday. The accident (2) – (to happen) in heavy rain when a lorry which (3) – ( to carry) grain (4) – (to skid) on the wet road spilling its load across both lanes. A police spokesperson said that the driver of the lorry (5) – (to brake) to avoid hitting a dog which (6) – (to run) out into the road in front of him. The drivers of the two other vehicles involved (7) – (to drive) too close behind to be able to stop in time. The injured (8)—(to take) to the nearby hospital. The van driver has three broken ribs and (9) – (to be) still under observation. The drivers of the lorries (10) – (to treat) for minor injuries and sent home.

II. Put in the articles where necessary.

1. We have got some important visitors to meet at ___ Birmingham Airport. They are flying in from ___ West Indies _____ next week.
2. _____ young people these days like ____ camping holidays. _____ holidays they have decided on is _______ winter holidays and _______ place they are going to is _______ winter camp in _____ Alps.

III. Put in the prepositions where necessary.

1. He waited excitedly ____ the platform ______ his friend’s train to pull ________.
2. In contrast _____ the others David was indifferent ________ the criticism and just carried ________ with the experiment as before.
3. Most people feel shy ______ some time or another and shyness usually comes ___ being unsure ________ yourself.

IV. Choose the correct word

The heavy rains that have affected the north of the country have (1)____ serious flooding. The Minister of Agriculture said in a statement that the situation was now under (2) ____. Emergency food (3)____ have been dropped by helicopter to families who were (4)____ to get to distribution centres. Local charities have also (5) ________ clothes and temporary shelter for victims of the disaster.
1. a) presented b) produced c) arranged d) introduced
2. a) form b) check c) control d) review
3. a) store b) supplies c) staff d) shops
4. a) impossible b) inconvenient c) uncertain d) unable
5. a) provided b) handed out c) sent d) preserved

V. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence using the word given. Don’t change the words given

1. “Well done, Mike, you have passed the exam,” said Nick. Congratulated
Nick ___________________________________ .
2. Strawberries should be washed before you eat them. Washing
Strawberries _____________________ .
3. Excuse me, is somebody serving you, sir? Being
Excuse me, _______________________________________ .

VI. Spot one error in each sentence and write down the correct sentence

1. We’d better leave things like they are until the police arrive.
2. Nick was late for five minutes yesterday.
3. Friendship is a plant what we must often water.

VII. Translate into English the words in the brackets

1. No parking is allowed, but an exception is (делают) _____________ for disabled drivers.
2. (Ни один) of the public phones were working.

VIII. Form the appropriate derivatives of the words given in the brackets

1. Your _________ (to propose) will be taken into consideration.
2. He is an ________ (to know) singer, few people have heard his songs.
3. The _____________ (to compare) of the two things showed their difference.
4. TV _______ (to advertise) are sometimes very silly.

IX. Choose the right variant

1. My _______ progress at school advanced with such speed that all her teachers were amazed.
a) sister’s – in –law b) sister – in –law’s c) sister – in –law
2. The long walk in the autumn countryside has given ______ faces a healthy pink glow.
a) Zoe’s and Ann b) Zoe’s and Ann’s c) Zoe and Ann’s
3. He needed money, but had no idea how to earn _______.
a) its b) their c) it
4. I’m afraid your ___________ good for me.
a) advices aren’t b) advise isn’t c) advice isn’t

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