Confusing verb forms hung — hanged

Study the difference and do the exercise that follows.

hang – hanged – hanged
1) вешать, казнить
to hang oneself – повеситься
beef, sir, is hung, men are hanged – говядину, сэр, подвешивают, а людей вешают
to hang smb. for murder – повесить кого-л. за убийство
to hang by the neck – юр. предать казни через повешение
he was sentenced to be hanged by the neck until dead – он был приговорён к смертной казни через повешение

2) быть повешенным
he deserves to hang for it — за это его стоит повесить

hang – hung – hung
1. вешать, подвешивать; развешивать
2. висеть
3. выставлять картины (в музее, на выставке)
to hang one’s hat [coat, dress] on a peg [in the cupboard] – повесить шляпу [пальто, платье] на крючок [в шкаф]
to hang a lamp from the ceiling – повесить лампу /люстру/; подвесить лампу /люстру/ к потолку
the dog hung its ears – собака опустила уши

Источник: Apresyan English-Russian Dictionary

Fill in the gaps with the verb to hang in its forms.

1.     A heavy gold necklace *** around her neck.
2.     The curtains *** in thick folds.
3.     Many of his finest pictures *** (active)/*** (passive) (= are fixed to the wall so that they can be seen) in the National Gallery.
4.     He was found guilty and *** later that year.
5.     The woman tried *** herself with a sheet.
6.     Smoke from the houses *** above the village.
7.     The sound of the bells *** in the midnight air.
8.     The branches *** heavy with snow.
9.     He knew he’d done something wrong and *** his head in shame.
10. Some prisoners climbed onto the roof and *** up a banner.
11. He *** himself two hours after arriving at a mental hospital.
12. She *** her head in shame.
13. We *** her portrait above the fireplace.
14. Philip *** his coat on a hook behind the door.
15. She *** the sheets on the washing line.
16. He ***  *** for murder.
17. Corey *** himself in his prison cell.
18. She *** her bag over the chair.
19. A smell of stale tobacco *** in the room.
20. His pictures (not) *** in that hall.
21. He *** himself with a guitar string.
22. They *** the prisoner at dawn.

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