Синонимы слова «искать»

to look for, to seek, to search

to look for something or someone that you want or need or that is lost
1) искать что-л., кого-л.
he is looking for his son — он разыскивает своего сына
she is looking for her keys [her bag] — она ищет ключи [сумочку]

2) подыскивать, присматривать
to look for an apartment — подыскивать /присматривать/ себе квартиру
he is looking for a wife — он ищет себе жену
to look for trouble [for a fight] — напрашиваться на неприятность [на драку]

3) надеяться, ожидать
rain may be looked for — можно ждать дождя

seek sought, sought (formal)
1) to try to find or get something, especially something which is not a physical object:
«Are you actively seeking jobs?» she asked.
Hundreds of dissidents are seeking refuge/asylum in the US embassy.

2) to ask for advice, help, approval, permission, etc:
Legal advice should be sought before you take any further action.

to search (for)
1)  to look somewhere carefully in order to find something
The police searched the woods for the missing boy.
2)  to try to find the answer to a problem
Philosophers have searched for millennia but they haven’t found the meaning of life.
If you search a place, you look carefully for something or someone there.

Fill in the gaps with the correct word.

  1. The police *** the woods for the missing boy.
  2. Haemophiliacs are *** compensation for being given contaminated blood.
  3. He *** (in/through) his pockets for some change.
  4. *** for a change of weather in March.
  5. Scientists are still *** for a cure.
  6. I am *** for a better school report next term.
  7. The area was thoroughly ***.
  8. Drivers are advised to *** alternative routes.
  9. We *** the whole house for the missing keys
  10. I am *** for a cup to match my set.
  11. She *** his face for some sign of forgiveness, but it remained expressionless.
  12. Columbus was *** for a shorter route to India when he discovered America.
  13. I’ll be *** for you at the reception.
  14. I’ve *** high and low (= everywhere), but I can’t find my birth certificate.
  15. Many people who enjoy fast sports are *** for excitement.
  16. I’m *** for a child. I believe your husband can help me find her…
  17. Many emigrated to Australia to *** their fortune.
  18. I *** everywhere for ideas…
  19. The police are *** for clues.
  20. I had gone to Maine *** for a place to work…
  21. They are *** for the missing man in the entire county
  22. We aren’t *** for the same things in a person.
  23. She *** his face for some sign of forgiveness, but it remained expressionless.
  24. She *** her mind/memory for the man’s name, but she couldn’t remember it.
  25. Do you think the President will *** re-election ?
  26. He *** her help and she refused him.
  27. It was too dark to ** further.
  28. She paused, *** for inspiration.
  29. The prosecutors have warned they will *** the death penalty…
  30. She *** compensation in the courts.

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