Синонимы слова «лечить»

to cure, to treat, to heal

cure to make someone with an illness healthy again:
1) вылечивать, излечивать, исцелять
2) вылечиться, излечиться, исцелиться

treat to use drugs, exercises, etc. to cure a person of a disease or heal an injury (лечить)
heal to make or become well again, especially after a cut or other injury
1)      излечивать (преим. раны)
2)      способствовать заживлению, рубцеванию
3)      заживать, заживляться
4)      вылечивать, исцелять (больных)

Fill in the gaps with suitable words.

1)    The cut *** up without leaving a scar.
2)    Which doctor is *** you (for your illness)?
3)    It took three months for my arm to *** properly.
4)    Vitamin K is needed by the body for *** cuts and bruises.
5)    The drug is used to *** heart disease.
6)    In the old days they thought that tuberculosis could be *** by giving people lots of fresh mountain air.
7)    He is being *** for a rare skin disease.
8)    This will help to *** your cuts and scratches.
9)    Her cancer can only be controlled, not ***.
10)   The wound took a long time to ***.
11)   It might be several months before she’s fully ***.
12)   How long will it take for the bullet wound to *** over?
13)   Many formerly fatal diseases can now be ***.
14)   The boy was *** for a minor head wound…
15)   An experienced nurse *** all minor injuries.
16)   The condition is usually *** with drugs and a strict diet.
17)   The hospital *** forty cases of malaria last year.
18)   Western medicine tends to *** the symptoms and not the cause.
19)   The wounds were gradually *** (up).
20)   Doctors *** her with aspirin…
21)   The plaster cast helps to *** the broken bone.
22)   How do you *** a case of rheumatism?
23)   At one time the doctors couldn’t *** TB/*** people of TB.
24)   She was *** for sunstroke.
25)   The ointment *** his wounds.

Note: упражнение составлено на базе аутентичных электронных словарей.

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