Синонимы слова «ждать»

I. Study the difference between expect / wait for / hope / look forward to

1 to think that something will happen (in the future)
2 to think that it is right or reasonable that something should happen
3 [often progressive] to be waiting for someone or something to arrive
I’m expecting him to arrive soon.
We weren’t expecting it to rain.

1 to stay in one place (pass the time) because you expect or hope that something will happen
2 to be hoping or expecting that something will happen
3 to be ready for someone to take or use
I’m waiting for him to arrive.
Waiting describes what you are doing, usually for a short time, until something happens.

If you hope that something is true, or if you hope for something, you want it to be true or to happen, and you usually believe that it is possible or likely.
You use hope, not expect, to say that you want something to happen: I hope you will have a good party.

look forward to
You use look forward to when you are feeling happy and excited about something that you expect to happen: I’m looking forward to your visit.

II. Fill in the verbs in their forms.

1. We are *** a lot of applicants for the job.
2. I’ve been *** for a refund check for several months.
3. I’m *** some warmer weather after this bitter winter.
4. We are *** a rise in food prices this month.
5. Things aren’t ideal, but that’s the best you can *** for…
6. I didn’t *** him to become a successful writer.
7. My mother says she’s *** meeting you.
8. We’re *** good weather this weekend.
9. I *** for her in the corridor, while she went in to see the doctor.
10. He didn’t *** to see me.
11. He was attacked while he was *** for a bus.
12. I’m *** guests this evening.
13. Would you mind *** outside?
14. There’s no point *** for her to change her mind.
15. It wouldn’t be sensible to *** for immediate success.
16. Do you really *** me to believe you?
17. He *** to sell his art to a major museum.
18. Don’t *** sympathy from me!
19. Are you *** to use the phone?
20. I *** to get a job within the next two weeks…
21. Every year the children *** the holidays coming.
22. We will have to *** a week or so before we know whether the operation is a success…
23. He *** working with the new Prime Minister.
24. We do *** you enjoy your stay with us.
25. I’m really *** our vacation.
26. Are you *** a package?
27. Everyone was *** for someone else to speak.
28. I *** you will be hungry when you return.
29. «Will you be at the meeting tomorrow?» «I *** not/so».
30. What did you *** me to do?

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