Am I really an absent-minded person? Read this and see.

Last Saturday I was so frustrated that I forgot about having an appointment with the doctor. Luckily for me, when I entered the doctor’s office two hours later (it was already closed but the doctor was still there) I was bitterly criticized and threatened to be given a sick-leave certificate with a mark of misconduct. It was great fun, I assure you.

To tell the truth, I didn’t get angry but instead pitied the doctor who had such «punctual» patients like me! My pity for the doctor calmed her down.

In general if you don’t cure your disease you will recover without the doctor’s help. This is how I see it. I hate visiting doctors.

Today another misfortune has happened. I locked my colleague’s classroom and took the key home leaving this man of principle waiting in front of the closed door. Don’t wake up a sleeping dog! I apologised, of course, but the situation was not very pleasant.

I asked my colleague not to speak to me until he calmed down. Oh, I will possibly be left without a classroom! No more keys for me. Lovely… (Afterwards, it turned out to be OK, my colleague proved to be a rather understanding person.)

Would you like to know the reason for my absent-mindedness? There are things in my life which are more important than just appointments and keys. And that’s that.

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