For love

Things that can be done for real love – what are they? Can you leave the subject of your love for his/her sake staying lonely yourself? Will you be happy without him? He means so much to you. You love everything in him, even his drawbacks. It is enough for you to know that he is calm and his life without you is more well-balanced.

Aren’t we eall goists? We all want something for ourselves. Real love lacks egoism. It is different. It is special. It has nothing to do with a person’s “I”. It’s only “him”. Real love means forgiveness. It can forgive everything, even betrayal.

It may seem that people in love lose self esteem.  People around them think that they behave stupidly, and often disapprove of their «naive» actions. “Не/she is silly, he/she has no pride”.  But self-esteem has nothing to do with real love, nor has pride. When you love pride is  replaced by devotion.

What things can be done for real love?



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