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In fact I don’t read much. And I can’t say that I’ve got a lot of books at home. When asked about my favourite book I feel a little bit confused. Do I have a favourite author? Let me think… Yes, I’ve got a favourite book. It’s Bulgakov’s «The Master and Margarita». Why this one? I suppose the plot attracts me. And what is more surprising I’m rather keen on nature descriptions created by Bulgakov. Though I must admit that when reading I usually prefer dialogues. Nevertheless the scene of a storm before the execution made an unforgettable impression on me. The nature described by Bulgakov lives together with the main characters: it shouts, it cries, it worries. It attracts the reader’s attention. Their first meeting. Those yellow flowers in her hands… Those awful yellow flowers… Isn’t it charming? In different periods of our life we normally like one thing or another. Still there is always something that continues to excite us and make us think. Love and devotion. Self-sacrifice. Eagerness to do everything for the lover. Eternal values…

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