Районная олимпиада 2009/2010 (Гродно)10 класс

второго этапа Республиканской олимпиады
по английскому языку 2009/2010

10 класс

Восприятие речи на слух

A Velveteen Rabbit

Shabby — потрепанный
A lawn -лужайка
«Fancy all this fuss for a toy!» — » Стоит ли так переживать….!
Scarlet fever — скарлатина ( инфекционное заболевание)
A tear — слеза

There was once a Velveteen Rabbit, and at the beginning he was really so splendid that the Boy loved him and never parted with him. But sometimes the Rabbit was put with the other toys in the nursery and could listen to their stories about Real Things. «What is that?» the Rabbit asked the Wooden Horse who had lived a very long life. » Real isn’t how you are made. It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child really loves you for a long time, then you become Real. It doesn’t happen all at once. It takes a long time. But once you are real, you’ll never become unreal again», explained the Wooden Horse. The Velveteen Rabbit thought it would be wonderful if this nursery Magic ever happened to him.
So time went on and the little rabbit was very happy though he was getting shabbier and shabbier. And once when the Boy was called away to go out to some tea, the rabbit was left alone on the lawn. Later that evening the Nurse looked for him but couldn’t find him. The Boy cried that he wouldn’t fall asleep until he had his Rabbit. «Fancy all this fuss for a toy!» said his mother. » He isn’t a toy! He’s real!». The little Rabbit heard him say that magic word and he knew that what the Wooden Horse had said to him had become true at last.
The magic had happened to him. He was Real. The Boy himself had said that. And into his button eyes there came a wise knowing expression.
But then one day, the Boy fell ill with scarlet fever. The little Rabbit lay still at his side under the bedclothes as he didn’t want anyone to notice him. He was afraid they would throw him away. Time passed and the Boy got better and was allowed to get up. It only remained to carry out the doctor’s orders. All the books and toys that the Boy had played with had to be burnt. So the little Rabbit was put into a sack with old books and a lot of rubbish. And while the Boy was sleeping in another room with a new Velveteen Rabbit, the old one felt so miserable and lonely that suddenly a tear, a real tear trickled down his little
velvet nose and fell to the ground.

Тест на проверку восприятия речи на слух

A Velveteen Rabbit (40 points)

I. Choose the best variant according to the text. ( 18 points = 6 x 3 points)
1) To become Real according to the Wooden Horse meant:
a) what you are made of b) a thing that happens to you
c) to fall in love with somebody d) to make one’s dreams come true
2) The Wooden Horse explained to the Velveteen Rabbit that to become Real
a) takes a long time b) happens at once
c) is possible when a child loves you for some time
d) is possible when Magic happens to you.
3) Once the Velveteen Rabbit was left alone
a) in the nursery b) in the sack c) under the bedclothes d) on the lawn
4) The Boy cried that he wouldn’t fall asleep until
a) he had a new Rabbit b) he had his Rabbit
c) he had a new toy d) he had some milk
5) The Rabbit still lay at the Boy’s side because
a) the Boy didn’t want anyone to see that he was there.
b) the Boy wanted to have him at his side.
c) the nurse put him there.
d) it was the doctor’s order.
6) Time passed and the Velveteen Rabbit felt
a) afraid b) happy c) lonely d) sad

II. Write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F). ( 10 points = 5 x 2 points)
1) _____ The Boy didn’t want to part with the Rabbit because it was his only toy.
2) _____ The Boy fell ill with scarlet fever.
3) _____ The Rabbit was lost on the lawn when the Boy was once called to a birthday party.
4) _____ The Boy called the Rabbit «real».
5) _____ The Rabbit had to be thrown away.
III. Complete the sentences as close to the text as possible. ( 12 points = 4 x 3 points))
1) Once you are real, _____________________________________________.
2) The Velveteen Rabbit thought it would be wonderful if this _____________
3) The Boy was afraid they would ___________________________________.
4) The old Rabbit felt so _____________________ that a tear, a real tear trickled down his little velvet nose.

1) — b; 2) — a; 3) — d; 4) — b; 5) — a; 6) — c
1 — F; 2 — T; 3 — F; 4 — T; 5 — T
1) … you’ll never become unreal again.
2) ….. if this Magic (ever) happened to him.
3) ….. would throw him away.
4) …. miserable and lonely …. .

Лексико-грамматический тест ( 80 points)

1 .Open the brackets putting the verbs in the appropriate tense form. ( 24 points)

A father asked the headmaster for help, informing him that his son (1)___(get) the gambling habit ( привычкa играть в азартные игры) and that he (2)________(be) anxious for the boy to grow out of it. «I (3)___(see) what I can do»,(4)_________
(reply) the headmaster.
When the father (5)________(call) for his boy at the end of the term the headmaster (6)_________(say): «I (7)________(think) that I(8)_______(cure) your son of the gambling habit.
I (9) _____(tell) you what (10)__________(happen). One day I (11)_____________ (see) he (12) ________ (look) at my beard (борода) and he (13)_______(say), » Sir, (14) _________ (be) it a real beard? I wouldn’t mind betting ( to bet, betted, betted /bet, bet- держать пари) five pounds that it (15)______ (be) false. » «All right», I (16) ______(reply),I (17)________(take) your bet. Now pull and see». Of course, I
(18) __________(make) the boy pay me five pounds, so I (19)______(think) I (20) ________ ( cure) him all right.»
«Oh, dear,» (21)________ (groan — тяжело вздыхать) the father. » He (22)_______ (bet) me ten pounds that he (23)___pull) your beard before the term (24) ________ (end)!».

2. Insert the correct article. ( 21 points)

(1) ____Masai live in (2)______area between (3)______Kenyan mountains and
(4)_____ Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. Their origin dates back to (5)_______
prehistoric times. In (6)______fact, (7)______ life of these people is based on
breeding of (8)_______cows. Their daily food is derived from these cows. (9)
______ another very important element in their life is (10) ______land. (11)__
______ land is sacred ( священна) to them. It is not allowed to «offend» (обижать) it in any way. It is for this reason they don’t cultivate their land. The
life of (12) _______ Masai warrior (воин) is full of (13) _______ discipline.
If (14) ______ woman sees him eating (15)________meat, he must throw it
away. If (16)_____boy kills (17)_____ lion, he gets (18) ______right to wear
its skin. Today (19)_____Masai don’t kill (20)_____ lions because they are
protected by (21)____law (закон).
3. Use only one word in each space. (12 points)
Hundreds of thousands of fans travel worldwide to watch (1)____________
favourite sport — an international match, a tennis championship, A Formula One
Grand Prix. In recent years (2)____________ has been a huge increase (рост) in
sports tourism. People don’t (3)____________ to sit in an armchair to watch their
teams or sporting stars on television. They want to be (4) _________ the action
is., (5) _________ they pack their bags and head straight for the airport.
(6)_____________ the usual sporting events, the Olympic Games
are held (7) ____________ four years. The Olympics may only last a couple of
weeks, but (8)___________ affect the host city (город, принимающий
олимпиаду) for several years before. New facilities (объекты) (9)__________
______ to be built, not just for the games themselves, (10)_________________
also for the thousands of international visitors, (11) ____________ come to stay.
The effects are also felt outside the host city, (12)______________ many
visitors choose to explore the surrounding region.

4. Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. (5 points)
1) He tried to _______________ himself by going to the sports club. GOOD
2) A cold makes you speak _______________________. NOSE
3) __________________ is one of his nicest characteristics. TACT
4) The food in this canteen is not ____________________. EAT
5) Mr. Carter, a well-known __________________, has recently published his book. PHYSICS
5. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first
sentence, using the word given. ( 3 points)
1) She went before I realized what was happening. GOING ON
By the time _____________________________________________gone.
2) I can’t understand his behavior . SENSE
His behavior __________________________________ to me.
3) Ivan finds it normal to solve other people’s problems for them. USED TO
Ivan _____________________________ other people’s problems for them.

6. Find a mistake in each sentence. Circle the number. ( 12 points)

1) If someone drives by and sees(1)  you standing (2) here it’ll (3) get suspicious 4).

2) I told her to stop making a fuss (суетиться) (1) about nothing (2) and said she was luckily (3)  to have got a seat (4) at all.

3) This planet is about the (1) size  of Jupiter (2), the biggest of the nine (3)  solar system planet (4).

4) He did (1) his homework well and carefully; she showed no signs of impatience (2 ), restless (3)  or boredom.(4)

7. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences. ( 3 points)
1) This ______ harvest was not so bad as ________.
a) year / the last year; b) year / last years’; c) year’s /last year’s; d) year’s/the last year’s
2) There were two ________ before the fall of the Berlin Wall.
a) Germans b) German c) Germanies d) Germanys
3) He took away ten papers, but only seven were in his pocket and what had
become ___________ three?
a) of another b) with others c) with the other d) of the other

I. 1) had got; 2) was 3) will see; 4) replied; 5) called; 6) said; 7) think; 8) have cured; 9) will tell; 10) happened; 11) saw; 12) was looking; 13) said; 14) is; 15) is; 16) replied; 17) will take; 18) made; 19) think; 20) have cured; 21) groaned; 22) bet /betted; 23) would pull; 24) ended
II. 1) the; 2) the; 3) the; 4) -; 5) -; 6) -; 7) the; 8) -; 9) -; 10) the; 11) -; 12) a; 13) -; 14) a; 15) -; 16) a; 17) a; 18) the; 19) the; 20) -; 21) -;
III. 1) their; 2) there; 3) want; 4) where; 5) so; 6) unlike; 7) every; 8) they; 9) have; 10) but; 11) who; 12) as ( for, because — are possible)
IV. 1) better; 2) nasally; 3) Tactfulness; 4) eatable; 5) physicist
V. 1) By the time I realized what was going on, she had gone.
2) His behaviour makes no sense / doesn’t make any sense to me.
3) Ivan is used to solving other people’s problems for them.
VI.     1) — 3 ( they’ll); 2) — 3 ( lucky); 3) — 4 ( planets); 4) — 3 (restlessness);
VII.    1) — c; 2) — d; 3) — d;

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