Районная олимпиада 2009/2010 (Гродно) 11 класс

Задания второго этапа республиканской олимпиады
по английскому языку
11 класс

Восприятие речи на слух

Michael didn’t feel able to talk about the bullying to anyone. His mother would worry, he knew that. His sister had her own life and he couldn’t talk to her. And he was afraid of what the bullies might do to him if he told any of the teachers. He should be able to deal with the situation on his own, he thought — and if he couldn’t, well, that was his problem. He didn’t even enjoy his lessons any more, because it was too hard to concentrate. As he sat in class each day, he thought about what might happen after school and his mind went completely blank. And sure enough, two or three times a week, the bullies were out there waiting for him.
«Well, now, Jenkins, what’ve you got for us today?» they shouted. He took the money from his pockets and gave it to them without a word. Sometimes they still hit him, for the fun of it, but usually ran off laughing.
The day everything changed was the day before half-term. Michael had stayed late  at school because he needed some advice about an English project. The school grounds were empty by the time he left, but he stayed tense and watchful on the short walk to the bus-stop. There was only one other boy from the school at the bus-stop, and Michael stared  at him in disbelief. He was in the lowest class, so he was probably eleven years old, but he looked younger. His clothes were dirty and torn, and he was crying quietly.  » Hey, what happened to you? Are you OK?» Michael asked, but he had a sick feeling in his stomach. » These boys…   they said they’d hurt me if ….   I didn’t give them money,» the younger boy said. » And I haven’t got any money- only my bus-pass…» » Were there three of them?» Michael asked quickly. «They’re from school, aren’t they?» The child looked at him with surprise and nodded. Tears dripped from his cheeks to the ground. Michael took a deep breath. » It happens to me too,» he said, » and there’s only one way to stop it. We’ve got to tell someone. Come with me».
He led the way back to the school, and found his English teacher. As Michael told this story, the boys could see sympathy and anger in her face. When he finished, there was a short silence. «Is this right, Ben?» she said to the younger boy. » Are you sure the bullies who hurt you are the same ones?» «Yes» he whispered. » The same ones». She looked at each of them in turn. » You can leave it to me now», she said quietly. » I’ll see the head first thing in the morning. And don’t worry, either of you. This won’t happen again. I promise you».

Тест на проверку восприятия речи на слух ( 40 points)

I   Write  TRUE, FALSE or NO EVIDENCE according to the text.  (10points)

1)     Michael didn’t get along with his sister. _______________________
2)     In class Michael could think only about the bullies._________________
3)     The bullies shook down and hit Michael every day after school.____________________________
4)     The younger boy suggested turning to the teachers for help.____________
5)     The teacher was going to talk about the bullies to the Headmaster.________

II.  Choose the best alternative.  ( 6 points)

1)     Michael didn’t tell anything to anyone because
a)     the bullies had made him promise he would keep silent
b)    he thought he must solve his problem himself
c)     his mother and sister were not interested in his problems.

2)     On the day before half-term Michael
a)     handed in his English project
b)    stayed at school later than usual
c)     saw a small boy from his school at the school grounds.

3)     The younger boy
a)     recognized Michael
b)    complained that some older boys had taken all money from him
c)     was surprised at Michael’s question.

III.    Make the sentences complete.    ( 9  points)

1)       He didn’t enjoy his classes any more, because ________________________
2)       The boy was in the lowest class, so he was probably ___________________
3)       The teacher wanted to know if the bullies who had hurt the younger boy were _______

IV.   What does each word stand for in the text?    ( 6 points)
1)  watchful
a)  thoughtful              b)   careful             c)  alert
2)   tense
a)   excited                  b)   fearful              d)  displeased
3)  sympathy
a)  love and affection    b)  faith and devotion     c)  pity and sorrow

V.  Answer the  questions.    ( 9 points)

1)     Where were the bullies from?

2)     Why did Michael decide to go and find his teacher?

3)     What was the teacher’s reaction to Michael’s words?

КЛЮЧИ:   (40 points)

1)  — No evidence ( She had her own life) 2) — True (  T)   3)  —  False  (F)   4)  — False  (F)  5)  — True  (T)
II.      1) — b;    2)   —  b;   3)  —  c;
1)   …. because it was too hard to concentrate
2)   ….   eleven years old (but he looked younger)
3)   …   the same ones.

IV. 1)  —  c;   2)  —  b;   3)  — c;
V. (possible answers )
1)   ….    the same  school
2)  ….    Because the bullies had frightened a boy from the lowest class.
3) The boys could see sympathy and anger in her face (and she promised that it         wouldn’t happen again).

Лексико-грамматический тест    (80 points)

I.   Open the brackets putting the verbs in the appropriate tense form. (15 points)

As I (1) _______________(walk) along the narrow streets of a small Spanish village, I (2) __________(feel) excited at the prospect  of the roof of a beautiful church. My purpose in being there was (3) ___________ (take) photographs of the white storks which had been seen nestling in the bell tower high above the village streets. In fact, storks (4) ______________(be) my ticket into many similar adventures over the years.
Storks (5) ______________ (be) large, beautiful birds with long necks. The  numbers of storks (6) _____________________ (decrease)  for various reasons.
The major cause for this decrease (7) ______________(be) probably due to the lack of rain in West Africa. Human development also (8) ______________ (affect) the stork’s ability to survive, but in this case the bird (9)_______________(prove) to be very adaptable. However there 10)_____________(be) a new threat to storks on the horizon. European Union rules and regulations may affect the source of food found on rubbish tips, as governments (11) ____________(ask) to clean up rubbish tips by (12) ______________(cover) them over.
This obviously (13) __________________ (cut off) a valuable food supply for the storks. Nevertheless, like any animal or bird which so successfully (14)________________________ (adapt) to human development, the stork no doubt, (15)______________ (find) a way to survive long into the future.

II. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences. (10  points)

1)     The new novel was reviewed  in ____________  newspaper.
a)     the last Sunday  b) last Sunday  c) last Sunday’s  d) the last Sunday’s
2)     ___________ went through their failure with dignity.
a)     The Kennedies  b) The Kennedys  c) The Kennedy  d) Kennedies
3)     The slaves were subjected to ___________ discipline.
a)  unhuman   b)  not human   c) non-human    d)  inhuman
4)     Here’s an article you must all read from beginning to end, ___________?
a) mustn’t you   b) isn’t it     c)  isn’t there      d)  is it
5)     Everyone has ___________ individual opinions.
a)   their       b)   theirs     c)  its        d)  his or hers
6)     I overheard _____________ to her father.
a)  them talking      b)  they talked     c)  them to talk       d)  they talk
7)     There has never been anything like this before, _______________.
a)     neither it will be again  b) has it?  c ) nor will be again  d) has not it there?
8)     In the reading-room there are tables where you can sit and read the daily papers and ___________  periodicals.
a)  all the other   b) other all      c) all other    d) another
9)     It was raining heavily and we _________ much of the night.
a) lay awake for   b) lied awaken for  c)  laid awoken    d)  laid awoken for
10) «Stanhope and Sons»________ one of the most important investment houses.
a)    were     b)  have been     c)  was    d)  are

III.  Insert the right article where necessary.  ( 14 points)

An enormous number of people in Britain read (1)_____ national newspaper every day. Some have (2)____ newspaper delivered to their home, while others buy one from (3)_____shop, usually a newsagent. (4)_____paper that people choose to read is (5) ___ paper which they feel corresponds with their interests, often with regard to their political opinions.
There are basically two kinds of national newspaper in Britain: the «broad-sheets and the «tabloids». Broadsheets focus on (6)______ news and serious matters; tabloids focus more on (7)_____ latest gossip and scandal concerning famous people. The Sun, which is (8)_____ tabloid, is (9)_____ highest sales
figures. Some people are critical of (10) _____ approach taken by the tabloids, saying that they have (11)______ bad effect on society. Nevertheless, (12)_____fact that so many people buy them shows that there is (13) ______big demand for (14)_____ kind of story they print.

IV. Find a mistake in each sentence. Circle the number.  (5 points)

1)     I had forgotten(1) that this friend of yours(2) doesn’t like(3) her coffee sweet and milky(4).

2)     It’s time you casted away(1) those dull clothes(2) and bought some(3) cheerful ones(4).

3)     She needed no(1) cap; her naturally curly red hair(2) was short and combed easily (3) into a soft halo when they were(4) wet.

4)  We went to the(1) Europa Hotel….    and we had caviar and Champaign(2) while listening to an orchestra of 30 (3)  played Gershwin (4).

5 )  When Julia feels strongly (1)  about something (2) she can speak up (3)herself(4).

V. R ewrite the sentences correcting the mistakes.  ( 10 points)

1)    They believed it that American rodeo began in Texas while that area still belonged to Mexico. __________________________________________

2)    Please, tell me the name of the salon, where you had cut your hair._____________

3)    I hate to bother you, but the man is still waiting for you to be given him a definite answer. _______________________________________________

4)    Stuart stopped to write his letter because he had to leave for the hospital.________

5)    They are going to have a new flat soon, and so have we. _______________

VI.  Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given.        ( 16 points)

1)  She ignored the warnings from her friends.    NOTICE

She __________________the warnings from her friends.

2)    This bill should have been paid two weeks ago.   DUE

This bill ____________________________ two weeks ago.

3)  A well-known designer made the dress for her.    GOT

She _______________________________________ by a well-known designer.

4)      Pete said that Josh doesn’t usually tell lies.   LIKE

«It _____________________________________ lies», said Pete.

VII.    Form verb forms from the words in capitals at the end of each line using the prefixes or suffixes below. You may need to make more than one change to the word given.    ( 10  points)

Prefixes:   a-;  dis-;  en-;  mis-; Suffixes:  — en;  -ify;  -ize;

Practical Computer Skills

As the name makes clear, this course (1) ________________ EMPHASIS

the practical side of things. If you want to (2) _____________ BROAD

your knowledge and skills, the course will (3)_____________ ABLE

you to do just that. Experienced teachers will (4)___________ CLEAR

areas that confuse you. There may be some terminology  which you have

always (5) ______________________. This course will          UNDERSTAND

(6)____________________ that this is no longer a problem.   SURE

The teachers will (7)  __________________ the technical       SIMPLE

language and explain certain error messages, so that you know

what to do if the same problem (8)___________________      RISE

in the future. Many people are (9)_____________________  ADVANTAGE

when applying for jobs as their computer skills let them down.

So don’t be (10) _____________________ if you’re struggling COURAGE

with your computer — enroll on our course.


I. 1) walked; 2) felt; 3)to take; 4) have been;  5) are;  6) have been decreased/have been decreasing;  7) was; 8) has affected; 9) has proved; 10) is 11) are being asked;  12) covering;  13) will cut off; 14) has adapted; 15) will find;

II. 1) c;  2) b;  3)  d;  4) b;  5)  a;  6)  a;  7)  c;  8)  a;  9)  a;  10)  c;

III. 1) a;  2) a;  3)  a;  4)  the;  5)  the;  6)  the;  7)  the;  8)  a;  9)  the;  10)  the; 11)    a;  12)  the;  13)  a;  14)  the;

IV. 1)  — 1 (have forgotten)  2)  -1  ( cast)  3)  -4  ( it was)  4) — 4  ( playing); 5) — 4 ( for herself).

V.  1)  ….   believe that…  2) …     had your hair cut…   3)…    for you to give him ……  4)  … stopped writing…     5)  …    so are we.

VI.  1) …….   took no notice of /didn’t take any notice of…2) … was due to be paid / was due to have been paid….   3) …   got her dress made…   4) …. isn’t  like Josh to tell…

VII. 1)  —  emphasizes  2) —  broaden  3)  enable  4)  clarify  5)  misunderstood 6)  ensure   7)  simplify   8)  arises   9)  disadvantaged  10)  discouraged

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