Changing Climate (form 9)

Form 9
Listening Comprehension Test
Changing Climate (p.217 English 10 Panova I. I.)

I. (1-2) Listen to the story and make notes about:

The place  __________________
The people _________________
The problem ________________

II.  (3-4) Answer Yes/No.

  1. Is the Sahara desert one of the hottest places in the world?
  2. Do the Tuareg people live in the Sahara desert?
  3. Do they move from place to place now?
  4. Do their children go to school?
  5. Dams changed the direction of rivers in Africa, didn’t they?
  6. Does the rain in the Sahara come every July?

III.  (5-6) True/ False.

  1. The Sahara desert is a very difficult place to live.
  2. The Tuareg people keep cows at home.
  3. In ancient times the Tuaregs used to buy and sell camels.
  4. Now the Tuaregs have to change their way of life.
  5. People in Africa plant a lot of trees.
  6. Hundreds of people died in Africa between 1968 and 1974 because there was no water.
  7. Elephants do harm to the gardens of the Tuareg people.

IV.  (7-8) Answer the questions.

  1. What are the temperatures in Africa?
  2. What wild animals live in the desert?
  3. Why can’t the Tuaregs travel in the desert any more?
  4. Where do they have to stay all the time?
  5. What is the problem with the elephants in the Sahara now?

V. (9-10) Describe the life of the Tuaregs. Use Ex. 5 p. 218 as a promt.

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