Magic Tour 5

Если у Вас в конце четверти закончился материал и Вы думаете, чем занять детей, скажем, в 6 классе, вспомните про учебник Magic Tour для 5 класса, который пылится у вас в библиотеке. Что мы там проходим, хобби? Вполне приличный урок на стр.109. Для полного счастья понадобится книга для учителя к Magic Tour, но её можно найти в Интернете. А если не найдёте нужный текст про пони, вот он:

Tapescript for ex.3:

Grace loves ponies. Riding is her favourite hobby. She is very good at it. She enjoys looking after her pony, which takes up a lot of time. Grace would like to ride horses when she’s older.
Riding is great if you like animals, but having a pony is not easy. Ponies have to be brushed and talked to, cleaned out and fed every day. You also have to ride them every day. You have to teach them a lot of things. The best thing is to start by going to riding lessons. If you really enjoy it and think you have the time — and a place to keep it — you can think of buying a pony. Riding ponies can make you more confident if you are shy. It makes you more patient too. It can also help you not to lose your head in a difficult situation. Be careful! Falling off a pony is dangerous. If you are afraid of animals, this is not the right sport for you.

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