The Most Expensive Sandwich in the World

Selfridges is the name of a big store in central London. There are also Selfridges stores in Birmingham and Manchester. Selfridges is upmarket – that means, many of the things that it sells are exclusive, high-quality or simply expensive. Do Selfridges sell fridges? I don’t know, but if they do, the fridges are expensive ones. There is a food department in Selfridges. Last week, the food department started to sell a new sort of sandwich. The sandwich contains beef from a rare Japanese breed of cattle, foie gras, unpasteurised brie cheese, black truffles and a number of other expensive ingredients. The sandwich is big – it weighs about 600 grams, and contains 2,500 calories. But the biggest thing about the sandwich is its price – ?85. Yes, you heard that right, eighty-five pounds. In a shop just along the road from Selfridges, you can buy two decent pairs of shoes for ?85. The newspapers report that Selfridges sold about 12 of these sandwiches on the first day. Many people have said that this super-expensive sandwich is a gimmick. A gimmick is something which you do to get noticed, often in order to sell something. For example, if you are selling cars, and you advertise that you will give away a free television with every car you sell, that would be a gimmick. Is Selfridge’s sandwich a gimmick? I think it is a very successful gimmick. The whole country now knows that Selfridges sell sandwiches.


Note: Пока это будет последний подкаст. Не стоит забивать блог чужими материалами. Если возникнет необходимость и ученикам что-то понадобится, я думаю, они мне об этом скажут. Для самостоятельной работы вполне можно пройти по ссылкам внизу статей и найти, что послушать.

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