Personal matters (more exercises)

Choose the correct word. Each word must be used three times.

angry* nervous* jealous

I was angry about the rumours…
Trying to make your boyfriend or girlfriend jealous isn’t a good idea.
She was apparently a very nervous woman, and that affected her career.
She had been very angry at the person who stole her new bike…
I felt very nervous (about it)
My dad gets really angry if anyone keeps him waiting.
You make me nervous with your continual record-playing.
Corwin has several female friends, and says his wife has never been jealous.
Maybe he’s jealous because I got the job and he didn’t.

ashamed* embarrased

I felt incredibly ashamed of myself for getting so angry…
For a long time I was ashamed of my father and the fact he never finished school.
He was so embarrassed — his face went brick-red.
I’ve never told this to anyone, but it’s true, I was terribly ashamed of my mum.
She felt ashamed of being such a failure.
The teachers are supposed to teach us about ‘safe sex’, but most of them are too embarrassed.

gentle* polite

Too polite to object, Helen found herself listening.
He looks scary, but he’s really a gentle giant.
It was a beautiful day with a blue sky and a gentle breeze.
Everyone around him was trying to be polite, but you could tell they were all bored…
It’s not considered polite to ask someone how much they earn.
My son was a quiet and gentle man who liked sports and enjoyed life…

lazy*tired* bored

He’s a classic example of a kid who’s clever but lazy.
I was so bored that I slept through the second half of the film.
I’m sick and tired of listening to you complain.
It was hot in the garden, but she was too lazy to move.
I’m too tired even to think.
He was not stupid, just lazy.
He was bored with their conversation.
The words danced on the page before his tired eyes.
I was so bored that I slept through the second half of the film.

sensitive* sensible

That would be a more sensible way of dealing with the problem.
He’s very sensitive to criticism of his children.
That was a very sensible decision.
Be sensible — you can’t go out without a coat in this weather.
The bat’s hearing is remarkably sensitive.
She’s very sweet and sensitive.

сheerful* sympathetic

She greeted us with a cheerful smile.
I tried to tell her about the awful day I’d had, but she wasn’t very sympathetic.
He was speaking to a highly sympathetic audience.
The First Lady was cheerful and energetic during the press conference.
My boss is being very sympathetic about my problems.
Thomas was cheerful and good-natured, and we soon became good friends.

аnnoyed* bad-tempered

As Aunt Matilde’s pain grew worse, she became too bad-tempered to see anyone.
I was annoyed by her remarks.
Her father was a bad-tempered man who sat alone drinking beer and watching TV most nights.
In fact, she was a very selfish, disagreeable, bad-tempered little girl.
She was so annoyed she wouldn’t even wave goodbye to us.
He tried to ignore the annoyed looks from the other customers.

damaged* upset

She works with emotionally damaged children.
He was in tears and obviously very upset.
«What’s the matter with Rod?» «I think he’s still upset that we forgot his birthday.»
They’re selling off damaged goods at reduced prices.
He’s trying to repair his damaged reputation.
Evidence of identification was given by the college chaplain who said he was too upset to talk about the death.


Note: The answers are in white, highlight the spaces to check.

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