Personal matters (more practice material)

Intermediate Language Practice (Personal matters)

Choose one of the adjectives to fill in the gaps. Some words are to be used more than once.

Choose from the list

angry  nervous  ashamed  embarrassed  gentle  polite  lazy  tired  sensitive sensible cheerful  sympathetic   bad-tempered  damaged  upset jealous annoyed  bored

  1. Kelli was so nervous about her exam that she couldn’t sleep.
  2. I could hear my parents having an angry argument downstairs.
  3. There’s nothing to be ashamed about — lots of people have money problems.
  4. He was so embarrassed — his face went brick-red.
  5. She was very gentle with the children.
  6. Did you mean what you said about my dress, or were you just being polite?
  7. You were very lazy last term, but we’ll start again with a clean sheet this term.
  8. Of course I’m not ill. I’m just tired.
  9. That advice sounds sensible enough.
  10. I have to be very careful with what I say because she’s so sensitive.
  11. I’m here if you need a sympathetic ear.
  12. Even at the end, when cancer racked his body, he was calm and cheerful.
  13. I found the doctors quite sympathetic.
  14. It is his illness that makes him bad-tempered.
  15. She is hurt and annoyed that the authorities have banned her from working with children.
  16. She’s terribly upset because her father passed away last week.
  17. Both the cars involved in the accident looked badly damaged.
  18. I understand why she was angry but there was no need to be so rude to him.
  19. I guess some of the other kids are jealous of her talent.
  20. Sit down— you’re making me nervous!
  21. Why are you jealous of her? She’s no competition!
  22. She is hurt and annoyed that the authorities have banned her from working with children.
  23. The novelty of these toys soon wore off and the children became bored with them.

Note: The words were taken from Intermediate Language Practice by M.Vince. The answers are in white, highlight the spaces to check.

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