Интересное задание на словообразование

Довольно необычное словообразование в некоторых местах — никогда бы не додумался.


Newspapers have a (01) __________ for what the French                             FOND
call “squashed dog” stories. In England, they are “goldfish
emerging from bathroom tap” stories. Such stories run under
the “Man Bites Dog” (02) __________ . From France comes                         HEAD
the story of an (03) __________ savage attack on an old man                       EXCEPT
near Calais carried out by a swarm of bees. The scenario might
have pleased Hitchcock. The victim was (04) __________ himself               SUN
in his garden at the time. The firemen were called but were
driven back into their van by the (05) __________ of the insects.                FIERCE
After 45 minutes someone arrived with (06) __________ clothing              PROTECT
and (07) __________ . By then the man sitting in the deck chair was          INSECT
dead, covered in hundreds of stings, most of them on his eyelids.
The French liked the story from London about grafting a pig’s
kidneys on to a human patient. They went for the animal rights
angle. They like the idea of putting a (08) __________ ring round               SECURE
the hospital to repel people who are intent on rescuing the pig from
(09) __________ . From London, too, came the story of the brown             MEMBER
paper parcel in London’s main parcel sorting office, a parcel which
moved. Packages do not normally move very quickly through the post
office at the best of times, but this one was definitely frisky. A lady
customs officer was summoned to X-ray the package. The X-ray
revealed a (10) __________ reptile called a gila monster wrapped in a sock.     POISON
The subsequent police trail led to a salesman in Hampshire whose
back bedroom was filled with rattlesnakes, lethal lizards, snapping turtles
and a python, most of which he had sent himself through the post.

01. fondness, 02. headline, 03. exceptionally, 04. sunning, 05. fierceness,
06. protective, 07. insecticide, 08. security, 09. dismemberment, 10. poisonous.

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