Dest B1 Unit 3 WF

Use reference material if necessary and do the exercise.

Unit 3

act  athlete  child   collect   entertain  hero   music   play  sail  sing

  1. They recorded the *** of the drug on the nervous system. [ACT]
  2. Who’s your favourite ***?» «Robert de Niro.» [ACT]
  3. Both of his parents were very politically ***. [ACT]
  4. It’s bad for your health to be physically ***. [ACT]
  5. They have been given college scholarships purely on *** ability… [ATHLETE]
  6. As the modern Olympics grew in stature, so too did ***. [ATHLETE]
  7. How many *** do you have? [CHILD]
  8. Since *** Margot had longed to be a dancer. [CHILD]
  9. They thought his reaction to their criticism was *** and petulant. [CHILD]
  10. The Art Gallery of Ontario has the world’s largest *** of sculptures by Henry Moore.. [COLLECT]
  11. The painting was bought by a private ***. [COLLECT]
  12. There’s not much in the way of *** in this town — just the cinema and a couple of pubs. [ENTERTAIN]
  13. His *** deeds were celebrated in every corner of India. [HERO]
  14. My *** was Elizabeth Taylor. [HERO]
  15. We have a wealth of *** talent in this region… [MUSIC]
  16. The concert features dancers, singers and *** of all nationalities. [MUSIC]
  17. She was a good golfer and tennis ***. [PLAY]
  18. He was in a *** mood. [PLAY]
  19. She loves to go ***. [SAIL]
  20. We were both experienced ***. [SAIL]
  21. My mother was a *** in a dance band. [SING]
  22. Her brother accompanied her *** on the piano. [SING]

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