Dest B1 Unit 6 WF

Use reference material if necessary and do the exercise.

Unit 6

begin brave  correct divide educate instruct memory refer silent simplе

  1. The course is suitable for *** and advanced students… [BEGIN]
  2. This was also the *** of her recording career… [BEGIN]
  3. He deserves the highest praise for his ***. [BRAVE]
  4. She faced the consequences ***. [BRAVE]
  5. Have I pronounced your name ***? [CORRECT]
  6. He takes a more *** role in the team nowadays. [ACT]
  7. She was disappointed to see her essay returned with a mass of *** in red ink. [CORRECT]
  8. Something that is *** is wrong and untrue. [CORRECT]
  9. He speaks with such *** (= care) that it sometimes sounds very formal. [CORRECT]
  10. A hedge forms the *** between their land and ours. [DIVIDE]
  11. They’re cutting funds for ***… [EDUCATE]
  12. Two lawyers were told not to leave the building but no reason for this *** was given. [INSTRUCT]
  13. Charlotte was not spending time with the tennis *** just to improve her backhand. [INSTRUCT]
  14. Have you *** your lines for the play yet? [MEMORY]
  15. Some animals are *** during the daytime. [ACT]
  16. She looks very ***. [ATHLETE]
  17. Every village had its war ***. [MEMORY]
  18. I like films with a lot of ***. [ACT]
  19. He gave her a *** punch on the arm. [PLAY]
  20. Bud has invited us to go *** this weekend. [SAIL]
  21. Please keep this sheet in a safe place for ***. [REFER]
  22. They stood in ***… [SILENT]
  23. They marched *** through the streets. [SILENT]
  24. Can you *** your method any bit? [SIMPLE]
  25. The advantage of the plan is its ***. [SIMPLE]
  26. No *** were born in the village for five years. [CHILD]
  27. Steven had happy *** of his childhood on the farm. [MEMORY]
  28. I wish politicians would stop this *** name-calling. [CHILD]
  29. The painting comes from his private ***. [COLLECT]
  30. The tax *** has very few friends in town. [COLLECT]
  31. The town provides a wide choice of ***. [ENTERTAIN]
  32. Rescuers made *** efforts to save the crew. [HERO]
  33. Cuba declares Alicia Alonso a national ***. [HERO]
  34. Each *** takes three cards. [PLAY]
  35. Six British *** drowned. [SAIL]
  36. Kiri Te Kanawa is a famous *** from New Zealand. [SING]
  37. He entered the Royal College of Music to study ***. [SING]
  38. She has starred with many leading ***. [ACT]

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