Dest B1 Unit 9 WF

Unit 9

attract back choose comfort depart direct drive fly travel visit

  1. His love for her was not just physical ***. [ATTRACT]
  2. She’s a very *** woman… [ATTRACT]
  3. It’s an *** illustrated, detailed guide that’s very practical. [ATTRACT]
  4. High mortgage rates have decreased the *** of house-owning. [ATTRACT]
  5. When the car hit him he was thrown *** two or three metres. [BACK]
  6. It’s a difficult *** to make. [CHOOSE]
  7. The bed wasn’t particularly ***. [COMFORT]
  8. The request for money made them feel ***… [COMFORT]
  9. I asked the guard the time of the train’s ***. [DEPART]
  10. St Andrews was ten miles in the opposite ***…  [DIRECT]
  11. The *** lost control of his car when the brakes failed, and it went at full speed down the hill. [DRIVE]
  12. I’ll never forget my first ***. [FLY]
  13. The modern *** can go where he likes. [TRAVEL]
  14. For a few weeks in the summer, *** are able to go round Buckingham Palace. [VISIT]
  15. Jack was the sort of man who did not like his *** questioned. [ACT]
  16. It is important to educate children before they become sexually ***. [ACT]
  17. The area has a large, but politically *** population. [ACT]
  18. Xandra is an *** 36-year-old with a 21-year-old’s body… [ATHLETE]
  19. But his primary passion was ***. [ATHLETE]
  20. Both my children are married and have *** of their own. [CHILD]
  21. Much of my early *** was spent with my Aunt in California. [CHILD]
  22. Don’t be so ***. [CHILD]
  23. He made the mistake of leaving his valuable record *** with a former girlfriend. [COLLECT]
  24. The rent *** is coming tomorrow. [COLLECT]
  25. A jazz band provided the ***, while people ate and drank under the stars. [ENTERTAIN]
  26. We watched our team’s *** struggle to win back the cup. [HERO]
  27. The *** is played by Demi Moore. [HERO]
  28. I came from a *** family. [MUSIC]
  29. Oscar nominations went to all five leading ***. [PLAY]
  30. A *** animal is lively and cheerful. [PLAY]
  31. She’s really excited about ***. [SAIL]
  32. Searches are continuing to find the missing ***. [SAIL]
  33. She’s a wonderful ***. [SING]
  34. I hear Frank’s taken up *** again. [SING]
  35. This class is for *** (= people who are just starting to do the activity) only. [BEGIN]
  36. The wedding will be at the *** of March. [BEGIN]
  37. One has to admire the *** of a woman who supported suffrage in the early 1900s. [BRAVE]
  38. She smiled ***. [BRAVE]
  39. If I remember ***, he’s Spanish. [CORRECT]
  40. I’ve made a few small *** to your report. [CORRECT]
  41. He was told that the doors had been fitted ***. [CORRECT]
  42. She doubted the *** of the information. [CORRECT]
  43. Civil war eventually led to a permanent *** of the country. [DIVIDE]
  44. As a child he received most of his *** at home. [EDUCATE]
  45. Each candidate is given *** in safety… [INSTRUCT]
  46. When I was at school, we were required to *** a poem every week. [MEMORY]
  47. The statue was erected as a *** to those who died in the war. [MEMORY]
  48. He works as a ski *** in the winter. [INSTRUCT]
  49. The firm offered to give her a***.[REFER]
  50. The soldiers listened in *** as their captain gave the orders. [SILENT]
  51. She crept *** out of the room. [SILENT]
  52. I hope his appointment will *** matters.[SIMPLE]
  53. The examination was *** itself (= very easy). [SIMPLE]
  54. His father was an *** in the Cantonese Opera Company… [ACT]

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