Dest B1 Unit 12 WF

Unit 12

able admire care confident forgive honest introduce lie person relate

  1. These machines are destroying our *** to think. [ABLE]
  2. *** people should have the same rights and choices as everyone else. [ABLE]
  3. He was considered *** to cope with the pressure of the job. [ABLE]
  4. He’s a man for whom I have the greatest ***. [ADMIRE]
  5. After *** consideration of your proposal, I regret to say that we are unable to accept it. [CARE]
  6. His work is full of *** mistakes. [CARE]
  7. She has no *** in what the future has to offer. [CONFIDENT]
  8. He never admitted his guilt or asked for ***. [FORGIVE]
  9. Are you accusing me of being ***? [HONEST]
  10. He should be praised for his ***. [HONEST]
  11. Company profits have doubled since the *** of new technology. [INTRODUCE]
  12. Anthony’s a pathological ***. [LIE]
  13. She’s no oil painting but she’s got a lovely ***. [PERSON]
  14. Do you mind if I ask you a *** question? [PERSON]
  15. The children are being cared for by a ***. [RELATE]
  16. He established a *** between asthma and certain types of work. [RELATE]
  17. Her *** isn’t good with her father, but she’s very close to her mother. [RELATE]
  18. The walled city is an important tourist ***. [ATTRACT]
  19. He was always immensely *** to women. [ATTRACT]
  20. The flowers are *** arranged. [ATTRACT]
  21. Physical skills and *** are much admired in our society. [ATTRACT]
  22. She stepped *** and fell over a chair. [BACK]
  23. If the product doesn’t work, you are given the *** of a refund or a replacement. [CHOOSE]
  24. Lie down on your bed and make yourself ***… [COMFORT]
  25. If you are *** with your counsellor or therapist, you must discuss it… [COMFORT]
  26. They hoped this would lead to the *** of all foreign forces from the country… [DEPART]
  27. Why will supermarket trolleys never move in the *** that you push them in? [DIRECT]
  28. My mum’s an excellent ***. [DRIVE]
  29. All *** to New York today are delayed because of bad weather. [FLY]
  30. She is a frequent *** to Belgium. [TRAVEL]
  31. There has been a steady decrease in the number of *** to the museum. [VISIT]
  32. She’s in the *** class. [BEGIN]
  33. Notes on how to use this dictionary can be found at the *** of the book. [BEGIN]
  34. They were awarded medals for their ***. [BRAVE]
  35. We must make sure that things are done ***. [CORRECT]
  36. There are some programming errors that need ***. [CORRECT]
  37. It’s *** to address people by their first names at these formal events. [CORRECT]
  38. She was convinced of the *** of the decision. [CORRECT]
  39. Many parents opposed the *** of the classes into different sets. [DIVIDE]
  40. It’s a country which places great importance on ***. [EDUCATE]
  41. Have you seen the *** manual for the washing machine? [INSTRUCT]
  42. He studied his map, trying to *** the way to Rose’s street. [MEMORY]
  43. It’s important to feel *** with your driving instructor. [COMFORT]
  44. The painting will be a lasting *** to a remarkable woman. [MEMORY]
  45. I asked him to explain his ***. [ACT]
  46. I’ve been *** looking for a job (= trying hard to find one) for six months. [ACT]
  47. My old headteacher said he would write/give me a glowing (= very good) ***. [REFER]
  48. My request for help was met with *** (= I received no answer). [SILENT]
  49. She prayed ***.  [SILENT]
  50. He tried to *** the story for the younger audience. [SIMPLE]
  51. The old people led a life of great *** (= with few possessions and little money). [SIMPLE]
  52. The property market remains largely ***. [ACT]
  53. This college has a long tradition of *** excellence. [ATHLETE]
  54. In the summer, ***, cricket and tennis take over from the winter sports. [ATHLETE]
  55. *** under 14 pay half the adult fare; *** under 3 travel free. [CHILD]
  56. During her *** the family moved to Kent. [CHILD]
  57. It was *** of him to do that. [CHILD]
  58. There was a *** of books and shoes on the floor.  [COLLECT]
  59. We are *** of paintings by unknown artists. [COLLECT]
  60. She portrayed him as a *** figure . [HERO]
  61. The *** of her latest novel is a middle-class English woman. [HERO]
  62. The family all play instruments — they’re all very ***. [MUSIC]
  63. An MP3 *** is a machine on which you can play music downloaded from the Internet. [PLAY]
  64. The cat didn’t mean to scratch you, she was just being ***. [PLAY]
  65. There was swimming and *** down on the lake. [SAIL]
  66. I’ve never been a very good ***. [SAIL]
  67. She used to be a professional ***. [SING]
  68. He asked her why she didn’t make use of her talent and give *** lessons. [SING]
  69. No, he was Bob Marley, a great ***. [MUSIC]
  70. You have to be a very good *** to play that part. [ACT]

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