Dest B1 Unit 15 WF

Unit 15

Add afford compare decide expense judge serve true use value

  1. She’s young and dynamic and will be a great *** to the team. [ADD]
  2. The company makes wearable, beautifully cut clothes at *** prices. [AFFORD]
  3. Jane is still quite young, and Fiona seems old by ***. [COMPARE]
  4. The villagers are furious about the *** to close the railway station. [DECIDE]
  5. The house was too big and *** to run. [EXPENSE]
  6. He trusted his wife’s ***. [JUDGE]
  7. If the *** was so bad why didn’t you complain to the manager? [SERVE]
  8. The question is whether technology is going to be our *** or our master. [SERVE]
  9. There is no *** in this story… [TRUE]
  10. Such remarks are both offensive and ***. [TRUE]
  11. As a child she was obedient and ***. [TRUE]
  12. Scotch tape is very *** for making quick repairs. [USE]
  13. I had to remind myself that worrying is a *** activity. [USE]
  14. Don’t lose this ring — it’s very ***. [VALUE]
  15. I want to improve my reading ***. [ABLE]
  16. Elaine is severely *** and relies on 24 hour care. [ABLE]
  17. The accident left him *** to walk. [ABLE]
  18. She had a deep *** for the work of Russian writers. [ADMIRE]
  19. You’ll cut yourself on that knife if you’re not ***. [CARE]
  20. She didn’t mean to damage the painting, but she was too *** with it. [CARE]
  21. After six defeats in a row, the team’s *** has been badly shaken. [CONFIDENT]
  22. He begged her *** for his mistake. [FORGIVE]
  23. The money never reached the people it was meant for but was stolen by *** officials. [HONEST]
  24. And the moral of the story is that *** is always the best policy. [HONEST]
  25. After a lengthy *** introduction, the dancers finally appear. [MUSIC]
  26. He’s such a *** — you can’t trust a word he says. [LIE]
  27. She has a really intriguing ***. [PERSON]
  28. Her uncle takes a *** interest in her progress. [PERSON]
  29. I live in Cambridge, but my *** live up north in Manchester. [RELATE]
  30. *** between the two states have improved. [RELATE]
  31. Lack of trust destroys many ***. [RELATE]
  32. The *** between them was almost immediate. [ATTRACT]
  33. Kitchen utensils should be *** as well as functional. [ATTRACT]
  34. She always dresses very ***. [ATTRACT]
  35. The attributes seen as constituting physical *** differ from culture to culture. [ATTRACT]
  36. He took a step *** to allow her to pass. [BACK]
  37. It was a *** between pain now or pain later, so I chose pain later. [CHOOSE]
  38. She tried to maneuver her body into a more *** position. [COMFORT]
  39. Wigs are hot and *** to wear constantly… [COMFORT]
  40. Flights should be confirmed 48 hours before ***. [DEPART]
  41. He drove off in the *** of Larry’s shop… [DIRECT]
  42. After the crash both *** got out and inspected their cars for damage. [DRIVE]
  43. My *** was cancelled. [FLY]
  44. I’m not a great ***. I’m happiest staying at home. [TRAVEL]
  45. Did you have any *** today? [VISIT]
  46. That wasn’t bad, for a ***! [BEGIN]
  47. Think of this as a new ***. [BEGIN]
  48. He won a medal for *** during the Iraq war. [BRAVE]
  49. He smiled *** as he stepped in front of the cameras. [BRAVE]
  50. If I remember ***, he was a good baseball player in high school. [CORRECT]
  51. His version of what happened is ***. [CORRECT]
  52. Political *** is the principle of avoiding language or behaviour that may offend certain groups of people. [CORECT]
  53. There are deep *** in the party over European monetary union. [DIVIDE]
  54. It’s important for children to get a good ***. [EDUCATE]
  55. The video provides *** on how to operate the computer. [INSTRUCT]
  56. He was offered work as a fitness ***. [INSTRUCT]
  57. Don’t write your password down, *** it. [MEMORY]
  58. The hospital was built as a *** to King Edward VII. [MEMORY]
  59. The book is full of *** to growing up in India. [REFER]
  60. Their mother’s angry words reduced the children to ***. [SILENT
  61. He *** agreed with much of what she had said. [SILENT]
  62. *** your life by shopping online. [SIMPLE]
  63. For the sake of ***, the tax form is divided into three sections. [SIMPLE]
  64. In her last novel, the *** (= the main events) moves between Greece and southern Spain. [ACT]
  65. She’s the highest-paid *** in Hollywood.[ACT]
  66. It’s nice having a man who *** encourages me to spend money. [ACT]
  67. The volcano has been *** for 50 years. [ACT]
  68. He can play any sport, he’s naturally ***. [ATHLETE]
  69. It is believed to be one of the biggest individual race contracts in the history of ***. [ATHLETE]
  70. Now that the *** are at school I’m looking for a part-time job. [CHILD]
  71. *** is not always a happy time. [CHILD]
  72. I know that sounds very *** and naive, but think about it. [CHILD]
  73. There is always a strange *** of runners in the London Marathon. [COLLECT]
  74. When told that everyone should collect something, Allan replied that he is a *** of dust. [COLLECT]
  75. There will be live *** (=performed then, not recorded) throughout the day. [ENTERTAIN]
  76. Despite Roz’s *** efforts to liven it up, the party was a disaster. [HERO]
  77. The novel’s ***, Kate Lee, is born in the South at the turn of the century. [HERO]
  78. When he began his *** career, King played only for black audiences. [MUSIC]
  79. My father played the clarinet in the orchestra; he was a good amateur ***. [MUSIC]
  80. Top *** like Andre Agassi earn millions of dollars. [PLAY]
  81. Babies are *** and alert when they first wake up. [PLAY]
  82. American clippers were the ultimate *** ships. [SAIL]
  83. SALT and TAR are informal terms for old and experienced ***: an old salt; a jolly tar. [SAIL]
  84. *** took turns to perform songs they had written. [SING]
  85. He has a lovely *** voice. [SING]

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