Study the definitions and do the exercise.

A stream is a small narrow river.
A river is a large natural flow of water that crosses an area of land and goes into an ocean, a lake, etc.
A canal is a long, narrow stretch of water that has been made for boats to travel along or to bring water to a particular area.
flood (countable or uncountable) a large amount of water covering an area that is usually dry.

  1. There was a small *** at the end of the garden.
  2. The *** winds its way through the hills.
  3. There has been an extensive programme of restorations in Venice since the 1966 ***.
  4. Fishing the smaller rivers and *** gives you the chance to actually watch the fish.
  5. In order to turn the deserts into fertile and productive land, engineers built an 800-mile ***.
  6. She hitched her skirt up before wading across the ***.
  7. Bangladesh has been hit by a series of devastating *** (=very bad ***).
  8. Several small *** feed into the river near here.
  9. The town was completely destroyed by ***.
  10. *** were dug to connect England’s industrial cities with the ocean.
  11. The Panama *** provides a crucial shipping link between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
  12. The *** was quite shallow so we were able to walk across it.
  13. It is important to keep the irrigation *** clear of vegetation.
  14. He could see the *** winding across the plain.
  15. Yosemite National Park is restricting access to the Park in order to cope with the *** damage.
  16. The *** Euphrates rises in Turkey and flows through Syria.
  17. There’s a lovely *** that flows through their garden.
  18. The country is still recovering from last year’s devastating ***.
  19. We want clean *** and lakes, where you can swim without risk to your health.
  20. The rocks and sandbanks make the *** hard to navigate.
  21. Immediately after the stile is a lovely little mountain *** crossed by stepping stones.
  22. The *** had overflowed its banks.
  23. The crisis began with *** that covered one third of the countryside.
  24. Changing the course of the *** would cause serious environmental damage to the whole valley.
  25. They have to dredge the *** regularly to keep it open.

Note: the examples were taken from authentic English dictionaries.
(По материалам учебного пособия  Vocabulary for FCE.)

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