Study the definitions and do the exercise.

Woodcountable or uncountable a hard substance which forms the branches and trunks of trees and which can be used as a building material, for making things, or as a fuel (древесина; дерево ( материал ); лесоматериал)
A forest is a large area where trees grow close together.
A rainforest is a thick forest of tall trees which is found in tropical areas where there is a lot of rain. (тропический лес; влажные джунгли)
Timber is wood that is used for building houses and making furniture. (лесоматериалы; строевой лес; древесина)
You can also refer to trees that are grown for this purpose as timber. лес (как объект промышленного использования)

  1. He gathered some *** to build a fire.
  2. Many people are very concerned about the destruction of the ***.
  3. A flute is made of *** or metal in three jointed sections.
  4. It was a brick house fronted on three sides with ***.
  5. In cheap furniture, plastic is often used to simulate ***.
  6. Tropical *** are home to over half of the planet’s plant and animal species.
  7. At first boats were made of *** which was available in large quantities.
  8. Much of Scandinavia is covered in dense pine ***.
  9. The house was built of *** but faced with brick.
  10. Acid rain is already destroying large areas of *** and lakes in northern Europe.
  11. The campsite is set in the middle of a pine ***.
  12. Some baseball bats are made out of ***.
  13. Her legs were covered in scratches and bruises after her walk through the ***.
  14. The Amazon river basin contains the world’s largest tropical ***.
  15. When we were children, we loved to hike through the ***.
  16. Many plant and animal species are found only in the ***.
  17. These Severn Valley woods have been exploited for *** since Saxon times.
  18. Heedless destruction of the *** is contributing to global warming.
  19. Russia has a wealth of coal and ***.
  20. He was chopping *** in the yard.
  21. These trees are being grown for ***.
  22. Put some more *** on the fire.

1. wood 2. rainforests 3. wood 4. timber 5. wood 6. rainforests 7. wood 8. forest 9. wood 10. forest 11. forest 12. wood 13. forest 14. rainforest 15. forest 16. rainforests 17. timber 18. rainforests 19. timber 20. wood 21. timber 22. wood


Note: the examples were taken from authentic English dictionaries.
(По материалам учебного пособия  Vocabulary for FCE.)

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