Study the definitions and do the exercise.

A mountain is a very high area of land with steep sides.
A hill is an area of land that is higher than the land that surrounds it.
A cliff is a high area of land with a very steep side, especially one next to the sea.
A cave is a large hole in the side of a cliff or hill, or one that is under the ground.

  1. Ben Nevis, in Scotland, is Britain’s highest ***.
  2. That ***’s far too steep to cycle up.
  3. Here the coastal *** are low, jutting out into the sea.
  4. A narrow trail of blood led directly into the ***.
  5. The track doesn’t go on to the shore, but goes along the top of some low *** above the beach.
  6. She was crushed in a freak accident in a *** in France.
  7. They loved to roam the *** of West Virginia
  8. The *** were steep and dangerous.
  9. If the *** will not come to Mohammed/Mahomet, Mohammed/Mahomet must go to the ***.
  10. We trudged up the *** to the stadium.
  11. She took me by the hand and led me into the ***.
  12. They went walking and climbing in the ***.
  13. Their house is on a *** overlooking the sea.
  14. We fell asleep listening to the surf chisel away at the foot of the *** below.
  15. A cart was making its way up the ***.
  16. There was still snow on the *** tops.
  17. There’s a steep *** ahead.
  18. After lunch, he and Barnabas walked up the steep *** to Fernbank.
  19. The birds breed mainly on sea *** and in sea ***.
  20. The house is surrounded by woods, farmland and gentle ***.
  21. Standing at the edge of the ***, we watched the waves crash on the shore far below.
  22. The echoes of his scream sounded in the *** for several seconds.
  23. The Matterhorn is one of the biggest *** in Europe.
  24. Are you sure this car can make it up the next ***?
  25. They were trapped in the *** for nineteen hours.

1. mountain 2. hill 3. cliffs 4. cave 5. cliffs 6. cave 7. hills 8. cliffs 9. mountain/ mountain 10. hill 11. cave 12. mountains 13. hill 14. cliff 15. hill 16. mountain 17. hill 18. hill 19. cliffs/ caves 20. hills 21. cliff 22. cave 23. mountains 24. hill 25. cave


Note: the examples were taken from authentic English dictionaries.
(По материалам учебного пособия  Vocabulary for FCE.)

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